The New Yorker magazine FINALLY discusses GMOs!

V. ShivaThe New Yorker published a lengthy piece in this week’s issue (“Seeds Of Doubt” Aug. 25th, 2014) by staff writer Michael Specter. This is The New Yorker’s first in-depth article on GMOs. The article profiles the the very popular and well known and perhaps the world’s leading food activist Vandana Shiva, who is from India.  India has become a major battleground in the GMO wars.

While giving plenty of  space for quotations from Ms. Shiva, and initially praising her significant accomplishments, no other voice is heard in support of her activist anti-GMO stance. We do hear from the head of the Rockefeller Foundation (which created the Green Revolution in the 1960′s, precursor to GMOs- resulting in a vastly increased use of oil-based pesticides and fertilizers) and we do hear from pro-GMO activist Mark Lynas, and we even hear from the president of Monsanto himself- while Vandana Shiva’s words remain unsupported and undefended. The article slowly and cleverly morphs from a journalistic valentine to an emotionally charged, one-sided hit-piece that is not really a profile at all, but rather an advertisement for GMO food.

The article’s pro-GMO voices consistently repeat that they are “science-based realists”.  Specter in contrast describes Vandana Shiva as  “dangerous”, “religious” a “mystic”, all the while calling into question her scientific qualifications. This is usually the main line of attack against the organic farming, anti-GMO movement- that it is anti-science.

The truth however is actually the opposite. Specter has ingeniously cherry-picked his science: he calls GMOs safe even though there has never been a single scientific study undertaken on humans  that can support his statement!  Not one. In fact, multiple animal and soil studies have confirmed that there are many hazards to animal health from consumption of GMOs and their attendant pesticides. Hundreds of scientists have signed a declaration stating that GMOs have not been proven to be safe. Specter, Lynas et. al. ignore all of this information. That’s not very scientific, and it’s not journalism.

While attacking Shiva’s rhetoric Specter does not use science at all, just the opinions of the GMO-huggers he interviews. All rhetoric and false promises aside, the real science shows that GMOs have in fact created super-bugs and super-weeds and increased the use of pesticides, while yields are falling as they harm soil fertility, according to Professor Emeritus at Purdue and soil specialist Don Huber, who also goes un-interviewed for the article. GMO crops are also in fact less nutritious and highly allergenic, creating inflammatory conditions in the gut (proven in a pig sudy). Chronic gut inflammation can lead to any major disease. Yet Specter makes it seem as if all scientists everywhere support GMOs because GMOs are ‘scientific’. As if science is some kind of messiah from the mind, some kind of pinnacle of purity in the human condition. But that’s not very scientific. Nuclear bombs and strip-mining are also scientific. Frankenstein and killer drones are scientific. Thalidomide and DDT are scientific. There is such a thing as bad science. To not admit that is bad science.

The cleverness of Specter’s “Seeds Of Doubt” lies in the fuzzy feel good-ism and righteous concern: he makes you feel like he really cares about poor people and that he really cares about the problems plaguing modern industrial agriculture, towards which he makes a brief head feint of acknowledgement only to quickly abandon the topic. “Seeds Of Doubt” closely resembles an article recently published in Forbes Magazine, which never met a GMO it didn’t like, by John Entine, which attacks Shiva with similar talking points while lacking Specter’s fuzzy feel-good warm-up. Specter even makes Shiva look like a cult leader. One of the young people attending her speech in Florence is quoted as saying she feels “magic” in her “presence”. Meanwhile the science is left on the floor.

Another fact unmentioned is that GMOs are completely unneeded, even with a growing population. There is actually a world-wide food surplus according to the United Nations. Organic farming can feed the world, (according to another United Nations report) and while feeding the world it could provide full employment. Organic farming, or its cousin, bio-sustainable farming, could greatly decrease disease by phasing out pesticides, saving us a fortune on health care. With organic farming we would not have events like toxic algae blooms that poison an entire supply of water for a large city.

Specter defends GMOs by making the misleading claim that “nearly all the plants we cultivate…have been genetically modified”. This is true, only because everything alive is genetically modified every time it reproduces, only it is done naturally, within species boundaries, with the sole exception to the species boundary limit for genetic modification being modern laboratory-produced GMOs. This is another tactic of the GMO crowd that thinks we need only one kind of ‘science’ to feed ourselves- they can just claim every natural process as ‘science’!   I guess they are right, which means that organic farming is scientific, and it is: organic and conventional (non-GMO) farming yields are skyrocketing using the help of modern science. Check it out here and here.

Specter cleverly makes Vandana Shiva look not only like a “wild-eyed mystic” but also a wild-eyed kook, when he quotes her as saying that “there is no independent science any more, Monsanto controls it all”. Many scientists that support bio-tech work for bio-tech companies or government sponsored bio-tech research projects where they are very handsomely paid. Bio-tech companies have partnered up with all major universities to sponsor research. Some other scientists claim they are intimidated and harassed by biotech groups to stifle their results if they are not favorable to the biotech industry. When an independent study appeared in a peer-reviewed journal last year from French scientist Giles Seralini that implicated glyphosate and GMO soy as a source of cancer and tumor formation, a former Monsanto employee at the journal, who had become their new editor actually yanked the study and apologized for it, despite the fact that it was obviously a well done study that demanded further studies. Shiva is right in principle. Science is being controlled by corporate interests. The study has since been republished and independent scientists have expressed their support for it. It’s odd that Specter did not interview Seralini for his GMO article, but then again he’s just not very scientific.

Specter makes the bald-faced claim that glyphosate, Monsanto’s flagship pesticide product, is 270 time safer than Atrazine- which happens to be one of the most toxic pesticides on the planet. And diphtheria is less toxic than tetanus! Why didn’t Mr. Specter’s search engine reveal to him the numerous peer-reviewed studies that have implicated glyphosate in birth defects and other serious problems? Not very scientific.

The article also ignores the fact that advances in drought tolerance, increased yields and pest resistance have soared in crops that are NOT genetically engineered, while GMOs have failed spectacularly in every single one of those areas. Again, not very scientific. Those non-GMO crops are not patentable, and will not create massive profits. They will only feed people.

Specter makes it seem as if genetically engineered crops are everywhere plentiful, when in fact they account for less than 3% of the world’s farm acreage. Most of them are not approved for human consumption and are mostly used to feed livestock or to make ethanol- not mentioned by Specter.

Specter’s only real defense of GMOs is made using cotton, which of course isn’t even a food, but it has become a popular use of GMOs and is the only GMO crop grown in India. Typical to Specter’s brand of journalism, he almost completely ignores any downside to GMO cotton, (while quoting two farmers that make it seem like a miracle). Specter ignores reports that GMO cotton yields are now falling, and that the cotton bollworm has developed resistance and that organically cultivated cotton is producing high yields. Specter’s writing subtly implies that there is no real alternative to GMOs.

Has Shiva made some mistakes, has she mis-spoken occasionally in her thousands of speeches and more than 20 books in over 40 years of activism?  No doubt she has! She is probably the only voice to have gained a prominent platform in the effort to expose the fallacies and dangers of GMOs. The scientific evidence showing GMOs to be unnecessary and dangerous is overwhelming. The evidence exposing Monsanto’s own in-house safety studies as phony science is overwhelming. The evidence showing that organic farming is healthier and better for the economy is overwhelming. But because biotech offers the potential to actually patent the very food you eat, corporate support and therefore mainstream media support for them is completely one-sided. Food is bigger than oil and pharmaceuticals and defense contracting put together. It is the most important physical component of the human condition, and corporations want complete control of it. You cannot patent an existing life form, but if you tinker with it’s genes in a laboratory, the Supreme Court says you can have a patent. You then profit from that food every time someone eats it forever! It is the ultimate hedge fund Wall St. corporate daydream.

Shiva is ridiculed for having urged India to reject GMO grains after a cyclone in the Indian state of Orissa. Hasn’t Specter read “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein, about disaster capitalism never wasting a humanitarian crisis for an economic opportunity? Philanthropic Capitalism is no longer a secret known only to the Rockefellers. Even Haiti refused GMO seeds after the earthquake. What do they know that Specter doesn’t?   Once you start on the GMO path, your food is patented and you are licensing the right to use it. Even his argument in favor of patent-free “Golden Rice” (another favorite feel-good tactic of the pro-GMO wild-eyed realists) is specious and disingenuous. A 25-cent Vitamin A pill works easier, faster and is much much cheaper than a genetically modified staple like rice, the introduction of which, if it has a trajectory like GMO corn, soy and canola, will create multiple pesticide-laden problems. But by pulling on our sentiments, and claiming that they only want to help with nutritional deficiencies of poor children, they hope to open a door for the acceptance of GMOs in general. Golden Rice is just more phony philanthropy. Meanwhile it is Shiva who is portrayed as “blinded”, “religious” and “dangerous”, a person who “says whatever she wants” like an “end-of-days mystic”, while GMO huggers peddle pesticides.

In truth it’s the GMO-huggers who are the alarmists, creating fears of starvation, endless malnutrition, blindness and doom if we don’t immediately implement GMOs in Africa and Asia. How come Lynas et. al. don’t know that there is actually a food surplus in the world? These ‘science mystics’, believe all is well if you only trust the scientists and their corporate or government experts. Their arguments are the ones that actually sound religious. They also seem to believe that small farmers are ignorant and backward, and while feeding the world for 10,000 years, they are now just no longer capable of doing so without advanced western know-how that is less than 20 years old, and fraught with enormous problems, tied to intensive poisonous chemical inputs. “Trust us”, he implies, “we really do care, and we really do know what’s best for you.” Meanwhile real studies show that small-scale farming is much more efficient and productive and ‘green’ than industrial agriculture, as a study by the National Research Council proclaims. Jeez Mr. Specter- got science?

There is a place for genetically modified food. In the laboratory. When you wild eyed GMO-huggers can do a multigenerational safety test on animals, a 15-year safety test on humans, solve the super-weed and super-bug problem, create a truly non-toxic pesticide, then we will call it Good Science. Not that we really need it. But bring it on.

Cheerios claims to go GMO-free! Boycotts Work!

Cheerios goes GMO-free!  Boycotts Work!

Good news! – General Mills bows to consumer pressure and removes all GMOs from Cheerios.  They have not yet been certified by Non-Gmo project however.

non-gmoThe truth is hard to suppress even when it is ignored by almost  all major media.  The truth is that this is a consumer issue and consumers have the power.   Maybe we can even get our new Mayor deBlasio interested in getting GMOs out of our children’s school food!  The truth is that boycotts work.

The NY Times today published another long Sunday Magazine article by Amy Harmon that once again says that being Anti-GMO is being Anti-Science.  Being anti-GMO is actually to be pro-science.  That would be honest, real, independent science, not science funded by corporations seeking profit and control.  Monsanto’s ‘own safety studies’ on their own products are a casebook example of phony science!  In fact GMOs have hastened the death of integrity in science.

Also see Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of GMO’s.   How about  297 scientists and experts agree GMOs not proven safe.  How about Harmon doing some real research for her next article.

Despite Obama’s pledge to get GMOs labeled, (see video), a promise he broke, hardly a single politician has called for GMO labeling.   How can this be, when 93% of Americans, in poll after poll, want them labeled or banned outright?  Could it possibly be the vast sums of money that Monsanto and the Farm Bill and Bill Gates throw at GMO research and marketing?  Are they buying off politicians as well?

Meanwhile Time Magazine completely ignores GMOs in it’s year end issue, despite the fact that the genetic engineering of our food is the single most important environmental, health, social and legal issue of our day.  The New Yorker almost completely ignores GMOs, unless it is to denigrate those who actually believe all the evidence about how dangerous (and completely unnecessary) they are for everyone but Wall St. and the centralization of the global food supply, in a hilarious, evidence-free article called ‘The Psychology Of Distrusting GMOs”.  Somehow the writer missed all the evidence of damage to stomachs, livers, and reproductive organs of animals fed GMOs.  And the fact that since the introduction of GMOs into the US food supply, obesity rates have skyrocketed, ADHD rates have skyrocketed, cancer rates continue to climb, super-weeds and super-bugs have become severe farming problems, fertility rates have declined and new pathogenic soil organisms have been discovered that are linked to GMO crops.ap_ted_s_warren_fishy_corn_fishy_apple

“Fishy Food” cars tour the U.S.

IT DOESNT MATTER!!!  We have the power in this issue.  This is a consumer issue.  Boycott GMOs and they will go away!


#1  Look for the Non-GMO label

#2  Eat only free-range, grass fed meat and eggs and cheese.  Most GMOs are used to feed farm animals.  The GMOs make them sick and they must then be given medications.

#3  Buy organic packaged food if possible.  Most packaged processed food has GMO ingredients.

If you refuse to purchase genetically modified food then they will cease to exist.  Because next thing they will try and feed you is laboratory modified animals.  The government has even approved meat from cloned animals created by bio-tech companies for human consumption.  What’s next?  Do we really need cloning?  Do we really need genetic engineering?  There are many other, safer, more tested scientific possibilities for agriculture than tinkering with DNA and violating the species barrier of reproduction.

The main pesticide used with GMOs is called glyphosate, which has been proven to disrupt the working of the liver and the digestive tract, which can ultimately lead to chronic diseases such as depression, ADHD, obesity, and cancer.  Here is an article that brings it all home- Glyphosate- Killing Us Softly, Monsanto Style

This article is split into three parts. This is Part 1, Glyphosate: Chronic Disease Degeneration. It gives an overview and then goes on to discuss the primary findings of a new study about the human effects of Monsanto’s herbicide, glyphosate. Part 2, titled Glyphosate: Disease Creator, discusses specific diseases, applying the basic harms produced by glyphosate and showing how they lead to each disease. Part 3, titled Glyphosate: A Trajectory of Human Misery, discusses glyphosate’s use throughout the world and then draws conclusions.




The Tragic Death Of Scientific Integrity and The Rise and Fall Of GMO Food

20131019_cna400“Men only care for science so far as they get a living by it, and that they worship even error when it affords them a subsistence”  Goethe

After the thing went off, after it was a sure thing that America could wipe out a city with just one bomb, a scientist turned to father and said, “Science has now known sin.” And do you know what father said?  He said,  “What is Sin?

~Cats Cradle  by Kurt Vonnegut

The Economist just published an excellent article on the current miserable state of peer-reviewed, published science.  (How Science Goes Wrong: Scientific Research  Changed The World, Now It Needs To Change Itself).  The article describes the peer-review process,  whereby scientific knowledge becomes understood and available to the world.

Peer-review is even held to be the defining characteristic of science itself, the method by which science protects itself from fraud, and along with replicability of experiment, that which separates “science” from “religion”.   The immediate ramifications of all the faulty and dishonest science produced by the current system are not fully addressed. But we are all victims of dishonest and inept science, including the institution of science itself.

Though science is ideally an unbiased search for truth, scientists themselves seem as willing as anyone else to subvert the truth regarding their science (typically by making up ‘data’ from ‘experiments’) if they can get a little extra cash in the deal.  Chemical companies like Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Cargill and Syngenta have lots of cash that somehow finds it’s way into these ‘science’ grant funds and laboratories.


Because ‘science’ has a such a strong association with ‘truth’, imagine the power you could gain if you showed people ‘science’ that was faked, that was intentionally skewed- that was in essence, a lie?  And that lie said that the product that you were selling was healthy when it wasn’t.  That lie would give the liar a better position to profit, would it not?    What if you were told that DDT was good for you, based on ‘sound science’?  Or that smoking was good for you, based on the opinion of scientists?


A lot of research is done in academic settings that are supposed to be independent of the profit motive, in effect a pure search for truth.  But that is often not the case.  “Universities offer ‘independent’ advice to governments while taking corporate money for ‘research’.  Corporations offer that money to universities, not for the knowledge it generates, but primarily for the influence it buys” states a recent article in Opensource that investigates the troubling control of academic science by  scientists and the corporations employing them, and the  subsequent control of ‘independent’ scientific journals.  Read more here: “The Goodman Affair: Monsanto Targets the Heart Of Science”.  The author, Claire Robinson, comes to some of the same conclusions as that given by The Economist.

Of course scientists often make mistakes, and can simply misinterpret the data from an experiment, or be subject to an unconscious bias toward a certain result.  After all, scientists are only human, right?  That is why  in the early days of the modern era of Science, practioners insisted on adopting what is called the “Precautionary Principle”, which states: “The precautionary principle or precautionary approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking an action.”

What happens when the precautionary principle is not used? Let’s take a quick stroll through a “scientific hall of shame” that often results, shall we? It might be titled “Where The Precautionary Principle Was Ignored, or When Science Just Plain Goes Wrong”.

All the following exhibits show what once was believed to be truth and fact to men of science.  We start with the well-known catastrophe of bloodletting, whereby George Washington lost his life for a common cold. 

 washdeath-2Or how about the once-common practice of re-moving a wo-man’s uterus for the broadly defined condition known as hysteria?

Let’s take a moment to linger in the smoking exhibit, and remember the large numbers of physicians who publicly endorsed cigarette smoking as a healthy habit, right up until the 1960’s, when they became the first group to quit in large numbers.  In fact, phony science is now often called ‘tobacco science’, since large numbers of scientists stood by the ‘smoking is healthy’ claim for many decades.

We come to the horrifying but once-common practice of prescribing calomel, (mercury) to women for almost any complaint, which led to large numbers of American women walking the streets like spectres in the mid-to-late 1800’s.

Remember Thalidomide?   How many severely deformed children were born for that scientific ‘mistake’ that initially generated huge profits for the drug companies?  This exhibit is so traumatizing, children are not allowed to view it, and it stands behind curtains.

Testicular injection is a more light-hearted exhibit to linger in, whereby we learn that testicle matter from animals was injected into men in the early 1900’s in an effort to reverse aging.  Ha Ha, nice try though!


Thyroid radiation is another exhibit in our hall, whereby men of science routinely radiated children’s thyroid glands in the belief that this would somehow help them.  Whoopsie!!  Apparently they also radiated earache, acne, tonsils, adenoids, birthmark, mumps and fungus!  OOOPS, sorry about that. 


As we pass the estrogen replacement/breast cancer exhibit, the lead paint disaster and the Vioxx back pain/heart attack  fiasco memorial, a very extensive tableau about Nuclear Energy and the Fukushima Catastrophe we finally find:

The Gentically Modified food section, wherein we see that Genetically Modified (in the lab) foods were advertised as more nutritious, needing less water to grow and as even being more productive, creating more food per acre than ordinary plants, and conveniently being just what we desperately need to feed the world, all the while reducing toxic pesticide use!  (A picture of Bono from U2 and Bill Gates, supposedly the worlds richest man, accompanies this exhibit under the heading ‘GMO cheerleaders’). Of course it has now been discovered that not only were none of those claims true, but in fact GMO food can create inflammatory allergic reactions in those eating them that lead to almost any major chronic disease, even ADHD and obesity and cancer and mental illness, all of which skyrocketed during their period of use.  This GMO exhibit stands next to the one for glyphosate, the GMO-based herbicide (Monsanto’s RoundUp®) wherein we find that it was shown by men of science as a very safe pesticide, only later after billions of pounds of it had been dumped on our food, did ‘they’ discover that it caused birth defects, nutritional deficiencies, gut dysbiosis, soil death and was even neurotoxic.  Dang!  Sorry guys! What is the precautionary principle anyway?







What is truly astonishing in this exhibit is that the people of America were even prevented from knowing when GMO food was in their lunch because it was not required to be labeled.  Thus many who had discovered the dangers of this laboratory food were still injured by it.


Why Label GMOs? Monsanto Shares Plunge-Latest GMO news

Which of the following is true:

1. Russia considers ban on all GMO food products
2. Miley Cyrus comes out against the labeling of GMOs in Washington State
3. President Obama is negotiating secret free-trade legislation (TPP) that could make the labeling of GMOs illegal everywhere
4. Breaking Bad Final Episode contained a cameo by Miley Cyrus
If you picked #1 and #3 have a piece of cheese!  Both true! Funny how we all know about Breaking Bad and Miley Cyrus while only a few know about TPP trade legislation negotiations or the fact that GMOs represent the greatest health issue (severe allergies, adhd, depression, obesity, organ  damage, infertility, hormone disruption), environmental issue (chemical pollution, soil damage, cross contamination of  normal plants, increased pesticide use), legal issue (commercial GMOs are based on the patenting of life forms, even animals have been patented) and social issue (the death of scientific integrity, complete corporate control of our food supply, death of small farms) OF OUR DAY!
So lets get GMOs labeled here in the good old USA while we BOYCOTT them!  Do your health a favor, do your kids a favor, do the earth a favor, do your neighbors a favor and refuse to eat GMOs.  Do it with love!  Send $5 to Washington state to help counter the 17 million dollar advertising budget of Monsanto (Agent Orange) and Dupont (C8 Teflon) and Bayer (Zyklon-B), the major bio-tech players.  GMO food products are a complete scientific scam, good only for chemical company profits.  Why are they running food safety at the FDA?
Monsanto shares plunge on reduced seed sales.  Even though it’s product is guaranteed a profit via the ethanol corn program.  Any corn grown in the USA is guaranteed a market and a profit from the ethanol program, even though it takes more energy to convert the GMO corn into fuel than you get out of the fuel.  “The study concludes that the cumulative energy consumed in corn farming and ethanol production is six times greater than the power the ethanol provides in a car engine.”
HOW DO YOU BOYCOTT GMOs?  Eat only ethically raised organic meat- because most GMOs go towards feeding livestock in massive, hideous factory farms called CAFOs.  Our only sane response is boycott.  We must pressure NYC to serve GMO free food in NYC school cafeterias.
Three restaurant chains that have non-GMO, free-range meat.
Whole Foods and many other stores also sell free range meat.  It is well worth the extra cost.  Your health will greatly improve.  Avoid farm raised fish, and eat only organic milk and cheese.  Shop at health food stores.  Factory farmed food is almost devoid of real nutritional content.  For example- factory farmed fish have almost no omega-3 fats!  Have a look at at this chart comparing the nutritional content of GMO corn against natural corn.  A lot of people don’t want to spend a little extra for ethically raised meat but will gladly spend $4 on a Strabucks coffee.  What’s up with that?
Avoid any product containing soy oil, corn oil or cottonseed oil as the primary GMO crops are soy, corn and cotton, unless it says organic.  Also, if a product is labeled USDA Organic, or Non-GMO Project it is GMO free.
According to Dr. Huber, likely the leading GMO expert in the world, an award-winning, internationally recognized scientist, and professor of plant pathology at Purdue University for the past 35 years-the following three facts are some of the most important that everyone needs to understand about GMOs:

  1. Despite what the media and so-called “experts” proclaim, there are NO peer-reviewed scientific papers establishing the safety of GMO crops.According to Dr. Huber, so far, no one has been able to establish that there’s a safety factor to either the genetically engineered proteins (i.e. the foreign proteins produced by the genetically modified plant) or the chemicals we’re consuming in ever larger quantities as a result of the genetic engineering process.There are, however, both clinical and peer-reviewed scientific papers showing the hazards of GMO crops, including harmful secondary effects.

    “A group of us met with top USDA administrators. They assured us that they based all their decisions on peer-reviewed science. When we asked them if they would share any of that, they were unable to produce any,” he says.

  2. Epidemiological patterns show there’s an identical rise in over 30 human diseases correlated with our increased usage of glyphosate and the increased prevalence of genetically engineered proteins in our food.
  3. Genetically engineered foods, as well as conventional crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup), have lower nutrient density than organic foods. They also contain high amounts of pesticides with documented harmful health effects, along with novel, highly allergenic, proteins. source
Why are Bill Gates and Bono pushing GMOs on Africa?  Bill Gates also a huge influence in the increased testing of our teachers and children in public schools.

El Salvador votes to ban glyphosate

Union of Concerned Scientists respond again to Pam Ronald’s attack


Could YOU Be Altering Your OWN Genes When You Eat GMOs?


As discussed by Dr. Huber, research clearly shows that the novel proteins created in genetically engineered plants are highly allergenic, with the capability to promote diseases like cancer and liver or kidney failure. But Dr. Huber points out that there are other factors involved as well, which have some scientists concerned about the spread of those genes into the human gut… Not only do GMOs alter your intestinal microflora, but research shows that human cells are also able to transfer those novel genes, thereby affecting the human genome.

“Especially with generation two genetic engineering, called gene silencing—that section of the nucleic acid can actually be picked up or attached to your own genes, and then start shutting down your own physiology in that process… It’s well-documented in the scientific literature.”

Indeed, last year, University of Canterbury Professor Jack Heinemann released results from genetic research he conducted on this type of GE wheat, which showed without “any doubt” that molecules created in the wheat, which are intended to silence wheat genes to change its carbohydrate content, may match human genes and potentially silence them. If that’s not a concern, I don’t know what is! University Professor Judy Carman agreed with Heinemann’s analysis, stating in Digital Journal:6

“If this silences the same gene in us that it silences in the wheat — well, children who are born with this enzyme not working tend to die by the age of about five.”

Heinemann reported that his research revealed over 770 pages of potential matches between two GM genes in the wheat and the human genome. Over a dozen matches were “extensive and identical and sufficient to cause silencing in experimental systems,” he said. Experts warned that eating the wheat could lead to significant changes in the way glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body, which could be potentially deadly for children and lead to serious illness in adults.

GM seed monopoly: fewer choices, higher prices

How biotech companies monopolize seed markets, escalate seed prices, and eliminate choice.

Scientists, ethics, and the GMO debate

The conversation will revolve around the courage of independent scientists who value the importance of unbiased research and who have a firm understanding of the ethics of scientific research.  In the interest of professional integrity, they must and many have demanded the need to fully and comprehensively research GMO food crops without restrictive research mandates that fail to take into account the impact of biotechnologies on our health and environment and without the threat of the “purse” from the biotech industry.


Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating

For more than two decades, Monsanto has been poisoning our water, our soil, our food.

But right now, the Biotech Bully is focused on one thing: Poisoning the minds of voters in Washington State – voters who are still on the fence about I-522, an initiative to label GMOs in food sold in grocery stores.

Last week, Monsanto and friends launched a statewide, anti-labeling, anti-I-522 ad blitz. It looks a lot like the $46-million worth of negative, deceitful ads they unleashed last year this time in California. Ads that helped defeat California’s GMO labeling initiative.

Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, BASF and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (representing the junk food gang) are footing the bill. With almost $12 million (so far) to spend, they’re running ads that are dishonest and misleading. But clever. And convincing.  OCA


Hero-Scientist Cures Blindness and Saves Tomato- with Lab Food!

jesus-scientistThe New York Times publishes two major pro-GMO articles in one week while ignoring the 93% of Americans that want them labeled.  One article by Amy Harman, who never met a GMO she didn’t like, is another lightweight substance free cheerleading fest about “Golden Rice” which can supposedly cure blindness (She doesn’t mention that a vitamin A deficiency is easily handled with a very inexpensive supplement pill, as the WHO advises, or that it is being pushed hard by the Bill and Melinda Gtes Foundation who just bought 300,000 shares of Monsanto stock!)  The other article is about building a better tomato so that Americans will eat more of them and be healthier.  Seriously!  Does the tomato really need to be improved?  Amy Harman’s hero-scientists have gone from Clint Eastwood-like bravery to now acting like Jesus, curing the blind and feeding the multitudes.  Who could resist such an allure?  Since the introduction of GMOs into America’s food chain in 1996, many major diseases have skyrocketed, including obesity, Parkinson’s, gastro-intestinal disorders, ADHD and autism.  All of which are linked to gut bacteria and digestion.  GMOs create strange and unpredictable proteins that result in inflammation of the gut.  Chronic Inflammation can lead to any major degenerative disease.

“In the only authenticated feeding trial of GM food on human volunteers carried out by scientists in the UK, the complete transgene DNA of Roundup Ready soybean was recovered from the colostomy bag in 6 out of 7 subjects after a single meal, at levels up to 3.7 % of intake. In 3 subjects, about 1 to 3 per million bacteria cultured from the contents of the colostomy bag were positive for the GM soybean transgene, showing that horizontal transfer of GM DNA had occurred; but no bacteria were found to have taken up the vastly more abundant non-transgenic soybean DNA. This is direct evidence that GM DNA has a much greater propensity for horizontal gene transfer, as I have maintained from the start” [3].

So why is the New York Times pushing the GMO propaganda so hard while ignoring the GMO labeling campaign right here in New York and especially in Washington State? GMOs are proven to be allergenic and people with sensitivities to them should at least be able to avoid them by reading a label.  The New York Times editorial board even came out against labeling GMOs!!!

“Just when public opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is at an all-time high, the biotech and junk food industries are once again pouring millions of dollars into a campaign in Washington State to defeat laws that would require labels on foods containing GMO ingredients.

Coincidence? Industry spokespeople say the suspiciously timed resurrection of Golden Rice isn’t a public relations stunt designed to convert GMO skeptics. But absent any new news on a crop that hasn’t gained traction in more than a decade, the move looks more like an act of desperation than a legitimate defense of biotechnology.

… the real issue is this. Golden Rice is no closer to saving the world’s kids than it was 13 years ago. Because then, as now, there is still no proof that it can. And better alternatives exist.”  OCA

NY Times Board of Directors:  out of 14 members, nine are involved in finance and investment or pharmaceuticals or big food.  No health and nutrition experts, no environmentalists.  Probably the most important field in investment capital right now is in bio-tech, with thousands of projects spread across the world, with potential profits in the trillions.  Bio-tech is huge in medicine, energy and food.  A story in the NY Times that actually told the truth, the scientific truth about GMOs could ruin an investment profile overnight.

Educate yourself and protect the health of your children.  Remember that there is not a food shortage in the world.   There is a distribution problem.  Organic farming produces higher yields and is more drought tolerant, and according to an international study published at the University of Michigan it can feed 9 billion people.  But organic crops cannot be patented like GMOs and bring in billions of dollars in profit..  And organic farming does not use super-profitable petroleum-based substances like pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  So why would big business support it?  Organic farming also means an end to unemployment and a vastly more healthy population.  I wonder why the NY Times doesn’t mention all these things.  It’s just real hard to make billions selling really good food.  So do yourself and  the world a favor and buy organic food.  Avoid CAFO meat.  Find a restaurant that serves grass-fed free range meat.

Other news the NY Times ignored:

ADHD cured by diet

Why has study saying GM could kill been ignored?

Good news (from the NY TIMES!)

U.S. Approves a Label for Meat From Animals Fed a Diet Free of GMOs


Myth Of The Hero-Scientist: Your Food In The Lab

The New York Times featured article last Sunday about genetically engineered oranges was so comically one-sided and histrionic in it’s support for the genetic modification of your food that it actually was funny.  It wasn’t really an article- it was much more like a lengthy film treatment for a Hollywood movie.


The plot centered around hero scientists, with their brave leader perfectly costumed in his introductory shot, with Clint Eastwood’s rugged snarl under hip sunglasses, posing outdoors, braving the elements alone, next to his vulnerable new genetically modified orange-tree progeny, for now hiding safely under his protection. He is also appropriately scientist nerdy with dress slacks and shoes, and for a costume ‘hook’ probably aimed at some of the females in the audience, he wears a pink button down shirt tucked in over a nerdy paunch.  He’s a sensitive tough-guy leader of scientists!

The article reads just like direct-to-film pulp fiction and has the effect of a thriller on it’s readers- it’s a cliffhanger, jam-packed with good guys and evil antagonists- with the fate of a sacred American treasure (that must-have glass of orange juice for breakfast) hanging in the lurch.

What is so fascinating and comical about this article/film proposal, is that while it rattles on and on for page after exciting page, it never once, not once mentions the negative environmental and health impacts of laboratory modified, genetically engineered food.

In effect the grim enemy our hero scientists face in this film proposal/article are not super-weeds, antibiotic resistant bacteria, ADHD, autism, severe food allergies, mysterious new pathogenic soil micro-organisms, increasing cancer rates or even the total control of our food supply by corporations that specialize in things like agent orange and dioxin, but no!  Wait for it… the enemy is environmentalist throwbacks, scare mongering, regulation loving, precautionary principle elitist foodies!  GASP!

A Race to Save the Orange by Altering Its DNA July 28, New York Times

Despite overwhelming scientific validation in both theory and experiment, that altering a food by laboratory cross-species genetic manipulation is reckless, dangerous and toxic, our hero scientists and their scriptwriter soldier on into a land where the people desperately need to be saved from ignorance, and triumphantly show them the salvation of genetic engineering of food.  Our hero is both man of action and a thinker, a philosopher, a brave man unconcerned with one of nature’s most sacrosanct boundaries.  That boundary is that different species, even of the same family, do not contribute directly to each other’s genetic pool.  A human being cannot mate with a whale and produce viable offspring.  A human and a whale do have some of the same genes, and are both mammals, but they are different species, and as such, we do not mate.  Mating is nature’s way of genetic modification.  Jellyfish do not mate with monkeys, but they have traded genes in the laboratory.

Human beings have been genetically modifying plants and animals for years using techniques like selection for desired traits, and grafting.  But never have different species been bred together that create a viable genetic offspring.  The species-specific gene boundary is a natural boundary that is foolish to cross for clear scientific reasons that remain unspoken in the film proposal  of an article.  The corn plant’s giant fruit- the corn cob, was actually created by human beings by encouraging certain traits in the corn plant by selection over many generations.   That would be a form of natural selection.  One thinks the orange tree could be saved in a similar fashion, or the bacteria threatening it could be controlled in a similar fashion.  Those approaches receive short shrift in this thriller and are in fact barely discussed.  It probably would have disrupted the flow.

Ultimately the star of  ‘Heroic Race to Save the Orange’ is a tragic hero.  In an angle ignored by scriptwriter Amy Harman, but sure to be told in the film’s inevitable sequel, we discover that while walking roughshod over nature with the new tools of genetic modification, our scientist heroes ignored even their own principles in their arduous quest to preserve America’s breakfast options.  Fame, glory and a patented life form (the ‘new’ orange tree) yielding handsome profits for generations to come would be, of course, totally secondary and unmentioned in the article.

The evidence that the Clint Eastwood scientists ignore is that genetic information and the process of genetic expression and it’s influence is far from understood, to say the least.  It is now known that a single gene performs multiple tasks, and has multiple paths of expression.  That the corresponding complexity within a single species’ DNA creates conditions where it is impossible to predict what will happen when a strange gene from a different species is introduced into a host plant.  That a gene codes for a protein, but that it may code for multiple proteins by influencing other genes, or even code for a protein not to be made.  A single strange protein, like a prion, which causes mad cow disease, can be as toxic as agent orange.  Want more new science?  Your digestive system produces most of the serotonin your brain needs to function properly!  Got depression?  Check your gut.  Still feel like we really have to have genetically engineered food?

The science of genetics has now been completely rewritten since Monsanto and other hero scientists bent on feeding a starving planet (satire) began tinkering with plant DNA.  (Genetic engineering is really about being able to patent food, which is not a heroic act) This new field of science is called epigenetics, and it has rewritten everything we thought we knew about genes.  Our hero and his scriptwriter seem not to have heard of it.  This is odd since the New York Times reported on it in 2007 in an article which states:

“Instead, genes appear to operate in a complex network, and interact and overlap with one another and with other components in ways not yet fully understood. According to the institute, (United States National Human Genome Research Institute ) these findings will challenge scientists “to rethink some long-held views about what genes are and what they do…The presumption that genes operate independently has been institutionalized since 1976, when the first biotech company was founded. In fact, it is the economic and regulatory foundation on which the entire biotechnology industry is built.”

This new evidence of the complex not fully understood network of genes means that our hero, by making a genetically engineered orange in order to save the holy morning glass of juice in America, may potentially be submitting any and all juice drinkers to some form of severe allergic response, or over time, to something even worse.  Even a mild allergic response can eventually maim and even kill.  Strange proteins will most likely be created.  Strange proteins cause inflammation in the body.  Chronic inflammation, especially in the digestive tract can lead to any major disease.

Genetically modified food has been proven many times in strict scientific trials and studies, and in numerous field reports from livestock breeders, to cause  gut inflammation in the animals that are fed GMOs.  How can it be that our hero scientists don’t know this?  How can it have been ignored by their scriptwriter?

Our heroic scientists display profound ignorance and what must even be called mendacity when they state:  “It’s not where a gene comes from that matters,” one researcher said. “It’s what it does.”  Because in fact, they don’t fully know what it does. And couldn’t possibly know without generational safety studies, that should really be carried out on humans, since humans will be the ones eating the oranges.

It is only halfway through the article when we learn that there really is no crisis at all!  Just a potential one: “Only Dr. Mirkov’s newly fine-tuned trees with the spinach gene, Mr. Kress and Mr. Irey agreed, could be ready in time to stave off what many believed would soon be a steep decline in the harvest.”  Then comes the only nod to potential health problems, which are implied to be solely problems of perception amongst consumers: “But the subsequent broader use of the chemical (glyphosate)— along with a distaste for Monsanto’s aggressive business tactics and a growing suspicion of a food system driven by corporate profits.”  No mention of glyphosate’s link to obesity, serotonin deficiency leading to ADHD, anxiety and depression, or to birth defects, all proven scientifically many times. No mention of  the fact that Monsanto has claimed glyphosate to be “almost completely harmless”.

But the story gains traction when we are introduced to the enemy: elitist activists who can afford to eat what they want and who don’t seem to care about hungry people!  Ominous music swells: “Some of Mr. Kress’s scientists were still fuming about what they saw as the lost potential for social good hijacked both by the activists who opposed genetic engineering and the corporations that failed to convince consumers of its benefits. In many developing countries, concerns about safety and ownership of seeds led governments to delay or prohibit cultivation of needed crops: Zambia, for instance, declined shipments of G.M.O. corn even during a 2002 famine.”

Imagine that!  Zamibians don’t want their food genetically altered in a lab!!!  Even when hungry!!! It turns out neither do Haitians or Hungarians or the Irish or Peruvians, where GMOs are completely banned from being grown.  And neither do 64 other countries in the world where GMOs are labeled and hardly anyone eats them.  In fact they are pretty much used only as food for livestock, and as cheap food additives like soy lecithin or high fructose corn syrup, mostly here in the USA, which is in the middle of a health crisis.  And they create health problems in livestock that need to be addressed by excessive antibiotic use, thereby contributing to bacterial resistance, one of our most pressing health problems.  Since the GMOs create diahreea in the animals, they also have to be given medications for that.

And perhaps corporations haven’t convinced consumers of the benefits of genetically modified food (GMOs), because their just aren’t any!  No increase in yields, no increase in nutrional content, no decrease in pesticide use, as we were promised many years ago.  Just an increase in profits for a chemical company.  In fact, genetically altered food had less nutrients than normal food, uses more pesticides than normal food, and creates even less of a yield, especially in drought conditions.  Hmmm.  Wonder how our heroic juice savers did not know this information.

Our heroes seem unaware of these consequences of laboratory altered genetically modified food impacting the mammalian digestive tract and immune system, and sullenly voice their charitable concerns “…”It’s easy for someone who can go down to the grocery store and buy anything they need to be against G.M.O.’s,” said Dr. Jaynes, who faced such barriers with a high-protein sweet potato he had engineered with a synthetic gene.”  I can almost hear him say “What’s a little goddamned  diahreea!!!??”

Then comes the knock-out punch on all those bad activists and their terrible fear mongering- delivered with stupendous ignorance or well feigned mendacity, letting us know that taking a gene from a spinach plant and inserting it into an orange plant was just another day in the sun for these brave men and their government regulators. “Dr. Mirkov assured him that the agency’s requirements for animal tests to assess the safety of the protein produced by his gene, which bore no resemblance to anything on the list of known allergens and toxins, would be minimal.”  Minimal safety tests!  What more could a cowboy scientist want?

“It’s spinach,” he insisted. “It’s been eaten for centuries.”  Tell that to the United States National Human Genome Research Institute.  They seem to have not been given a part in this movie.  Tell that to the people with severe allergies that have cleared up when they stop eating genetically modified corn.

Spoiler Alert:  The film/article ends a with a shot of disease resistant genetically modified trees growing right next to trees suffering from the potential devastation of the bacterial disease that initially led our heroes off on their genetic quest.  A nice, hopeful, picturesque ending.  Yet those terrible activists are not yet vanquished, and seem to lurk menacingly near the vulnerable new trees, whose location is a secret behind a locked gate somewhere in Florida.  The science appears to be working, especially with minimal safety testing and no labeling.  And never one mention of the potential consequences of one strange protein.

End of Part 1


Next:  The History of the Hero-Scientist Myth







Pigs fed GMO feed have inflamed digestive systems

It has been another crazy month in the land of the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)s.  The United States produces and sells and eats by far the most genetically modified food in the world, and the United States is by far the least healthy of all the modernized nations in the world while spending twice as much on healthcare as any other modernized nation.  And the United States is the only modernized country in the world that refuses to label food so that consumers know when they are eating GMOs.  On the world stage only England cheerleads as much for GMOs as do our corporate and government leaders here in the states.

Study shows pig stomachs severely inflamed after being fed GMOs.

pig-stomachs The interaction and complexity of genetics, health and the environment is so complex it essentially will never be fully understood.  When strange proteins are created by laboratory modification, the body will respond with inflammation.  Chronic inflammation of the gut can lead to any major degenerative disease, from arthritis to cancer to autism.   CHILDREN ARE ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE.  Most of the food served in NYC’s school cafeterias contains GMOs, whether in the canola, soy, corn or cottonseed oil, whether in the sugar from sugar beets, or whether in the chicken, pork or beef, food additives and colorings, and now in any sweet corn.

The United States leads the world in autism.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to raise the allowable limits of the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in certain food commodities like carrots, sweet potato, and mustard seeds. Some of the allowable limits, or tolerances, will more than double! Increasing the levels of Roundup on food will pave the way for an overall increase in the use of this chemical in agriculture. The problem is Roundup is toxic to human and environmental health. In fact, a recent MIT study finds that glyphosate’s interference with important enzymes in the body can lead to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking water contaminated with Roundup can lead to congestion of the lungs and increased breathing rate, as well as kidney damage and reproductive effects.

Tell EPA No More Roundup In Our Diet by July 1st(source)

Hungary and Denmark and Peru throw GMOs out the door.

Oregon protestors destroy 6,500 acres of sugar beets.

Health diet proven to cure ADHD

Genetically modified trees on their way.

Unlabeled Genetically modified fish coming to your plate.

Genetically modified corn coming to your gas tank.

By Genetically modifying a plant in a laboratory, and unleashing them into the environment without detailed, long-term safety studies exemplifies scientific hubris at it’s highest.  GMOs are made by science but they violate the precautionary principle, which was a originally bedrock of scientific experimentation, violated by Dr. Frankentstein.  Opposition to GMOs is based on the precautionary principle and therefore is the most ‘scientific’ approach.  There is such a thing as bad, fake and junk science.  It is important to stay informed.

Please don’t feed your kids genetically modified food if at all possible.  The less you feed them the better.  Most GMOs wind up as animal feed and constitute animal abuse as the intestines of the animals becomes inflamed, necessitating heavy antibiotic and anti-diarheea medication, all of which you will eat.  Add a topping of glyphosate pesticides to go with whatever anti-biotic resistant bacteria remain, put a touch of ammonia and radiation, heat and serve.

Gut inflammation and the emotional and psychological consequences. “Now it is known that 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the digestive process.”

Current agricultural practices in the United States are a shame and a disgrace.  Boycott GMOs and CAFO meat.  Demand that the Bloomberg administration conduct  a study, based on the health and safety of our children, in phasing out GMOs in NYC school cafeterias.  You know, like they do in Italy, where ADHD rates are 1/10th othat in the USA.  Could it be the locally sourced organic food they provide their schoolchildren?

“What’s One More Protein?”

AT a panel discussion on April 4th at NYU entitled “GMO Labeling: Do We Need It?, sponsored by GMFree-NY, Dr. Walter S. De Jong from Cornell University, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, was introduced as a molecular geneticist.  His role on the panel was to take the position that GMOs did not need to be labeled and he stated that he didn’t see the need for labeling.  He was a congenial, soft-spoken fellow.  He said “all we are doing is slightly altering the genetic code of a plant in order to create one new protein.  There are hundreds and hundreds of proteins being scripted by DNA in every cell of that plant, all the time”.  Dr. De Jong then rhetorically asked, “What is one more protein?”

2013 Allergic Reaction

Unfortunately the other panel members ignored his rhetoric, which for a “molecular geneticist” was profoundly and shockingly ignorant.  As anybody who is familiar with the human immune system knows, “one more protein” can be a match that lights a fire that burns an entire house down.  This happens through the process of inflammation.


“One more protein”, especially an unusual and different protein, created in the lab by genetic engineers, will alert the immune system to inspect it.  If this strange protein is deemed threatening in any way then the immune system will call out the cavalry (antigen presenting cells, macrophages, T-helper cells, histamines and cytokines) for it’s immediate removal from the body.  Our immune systems do this all the time, all day long.  It is how we stay healthy in a world of potentially pathogenic microbes and proteins.

A strange protein constantly introduced to the body will crate a state of chronic inflammation in the body.  Chronic inflammation can result in any degenerative disease. Inflammation of the digestive tract will be especially harmful, and even low level inflammation that may have no immediate symptoms will eventually lead to serious problems.

A few examples:

A prion is a protein, an infectious disease-causing agent that is believed to be the smallest infectious particle. A prion is neither bacterial nor fungal nor viral and contains no genetic material. Prion ProteinsPrions have been held responsible for a number of degenerative brain diseases, including mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, fatal familial insomnia, kuru, and an unusual form of hereditary dementia known as Gertsmann-Straeussler-Scheinker disease.

A prion is just one more protein.

If a glass of milk or a slice of pizza causes swollen lips, hives, or other significant symptoms, you may have an allergy to casein, a protein in milk.  Just one more protein.

Another milk protein associated with food allergies is whey.   Some people are allergic to both casein and whey. If you are allergic to whey, as many people are, and you continue to drink milk, your health will suffer severely.

Whey is “just one more protein”.  You would be a fool to continue to consume milk.  You would avoid it.  Milk would be easy to avoid.  You would know when it was in something  because it would be labeled.

Inflammation is the process that the body undergoes to protect itself from foreign agents like viruses, pathogenic bacteria and strange proteins.  It now appears from all the evidence that GMOs trigger an immune response, because of the strange proteins being created by altering a plant’s DNA in a laboratory.  In fact the FDA’s own scientists warned that GMOs have the potential to trigger an allergic response (inflammation), and they recommended that GMOs should not be approved until long term tests were done as the precautionary principle, that used to govern science, would dictate.  Yet they were over-ruled by the head of the FDA, a man who had formerly worked for Monsanto, and the tests were never done.

Farmers report that their animals fed GMOs often have diarrhea, which is one of the body’s responses to a strange protein- get it out fast! The animal’s intestines become inflamed and the strange protein is quickly expelled.  These animals are sick, and are then given antibiotics and steroids to stop the inflammatory process.  But many farmers have reported that if they simply discontinued GMO feed, their animals recovered.

This inflammatory response is also occurring in humans who ingest GMOs.  Especially in children with new and untested immune systems, and the sick and the elderly.  Inflammation of the intestinal tract will lead to poor digestion.  Poor digestions will lead to deficiencies of vital nutrients.  Deficiencies of vital nutrients will lead to chronic life threatening degenerative disease, like cancer, Chrohn’s, arthritis, allergies to peanuts and pollen, and even to emotional and mental instability.

That is what “one more protein” can do.

Hard to avoid them if they are not labeled.





GMOs Impact on Gut and Mental Health



Go with your gut! Your gut is like a second brain.  Everybody knows this is somehow true.  Now science has recently discovered that 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the digestive process.  Over 30 nuero-transmitters (brain chemicals) are created by the digestive process and the bacteria found in your gut. GMOs and their herbicide glyphosate (RoundUp®) have  recently been shown by science to have a terrible effect on digestive bacteria.

Poor digestion creates cascades of physical and emotional problems.  What’s news is that poor digestion and poor “gut health” is often the culprit for ADHD, autism and depression.  The New York Times just reported that 20% of high-school aged boys are diagnosed with ADHD.   Many children’s ADHD symptoms have been mitigated by eating a clean diet. Dr. Lidy Pelsser claims that “food is the main cause of ADHD.”  Poor digestion can even cause autism.

While good bacteria died, highly pathogenic bacteria were unaffected by glyphosate.

Poor digestion causes nutrient deficiencies.  A deficiency in just one mineral like magnesium can cause tremendous emotional and cognitive problems.  And supplementing with pills won’t help much because digestion is so poor!

RoundUp’s® glyphosate has been found in 100% of urine samples at 5-20 times the limit for drinking water. Monsanto’s RoundUp® harms gut bacteria.  Small children are especially vulnerable.

Italy serves all it’s public school children organic food.   ADHD rates are MUCH lower in Italy.

Don’t eat CAFO meat.  CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or typical American factory (torture) farming.  Look for animals humanely raised and antibiotic-free, even when you eat in a restaurant.

Video of European egg producer who found drastic improvements in the health and production of his hens after changing from GM to non-GM soy feed 

Pigs’ Health Improved Drastically After Switching to a GMO-Free Diet

 Roundup harms beneficial gut bacteria – study

New study by scientists at Leipzig University which found that Roundup herbicide, used on Monsanto’s herbicide resistant crops negatively impacted the gastrointestinal bacteria of poultry in vitro. The researchers found that highly pathogenic bacteria resisted Roundup, whereas beneficial bacteria were moderately to highly susceptible to it. The study provides a scientific basis to farmer reports of increased gastrointestinal disease in animals fed GM Roundup Ready soy, which is tolerant to Roundup.



Think Twice: How the Gut’s “Second Brain” Influences Mood and Well-Being

“The second brain informs our state of mind in other more obscure ways, as well.  “A big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut,” Mayer says. Butterflies in the stomach—signaling in the gut as part of our physiological stress response, Gershon says—is but one example. Although gastrointestinal (GI) turmoil can sour one’s moods, everyday emotional well-being may rely on messages from the brain below to the brain above. For example, electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve—a useful treatment for depression—may mimic these signals, Gershon says.
Serotonin seeping from the second brain might even play some part in autism, the developmental disorder often first noticed in early childhood. Gershon has discovered that the same genes involved in synapse formation between neurons in the brain are involved in the alimentary synapse formation. “If these genes are affected in autism,” he says, “it could explain why so many kids with autism have GI motor abnormalities” in addition to elevated levels of gut-produced serotonin in their blood.”
So the company that helped invent and supply Agent Orange for chemical warfare in Vietnam is the leading seed supplier (both GMO and non-GMO seeds) and makes GMO crops that are proven to disrupt ecosystems, cause terrible harm to animals and humans- are NOW protected from the constitution for at least 6 months thanks to our broken political system.  Many farmers want out of the GMO treadmill, but since Monsanto bought most of the seed companies, non-GMO seeds can be hard to find!
We were promised that genetically modified crops would increase yields and decrease pesticide use- instead yields are the same or less and pesticide use has risen dramatically- at the expense of our health, our children’s health and the health of the environment.  But since these crops can be patented- ENORMOUS, global profits are at stake.  Food is the biggest business of all, and the giant corporations want total control of it, and our government is helping them get it.  In essence, you are now licensing the right to eat your food- you do not own it- if you purchase GMO seed.  You are also risking your physical and emotional health, especially of your children.  These crops basic DNA has been tinkered with- and the  results are downright scary.  Watch this 15 minute Greenpeace video “Growing Doubt” or this video on how animals are changed when fed GMO feed.

Deadly Bacteria That Resist Strongest Drugs Are Spreading  NYTIMES

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, called the organisms “nightmare bacteria” during a telephone news conference, and noted that they could pass their trait for drug resistance — encoded in a scrap of genetic material called a plasmid — along to other bacteria.  The problem is most common in the Northeast, particularly in hospitals in New York City, officials said.
 Much of the public forgets the gut when it comes to warding off the flu and other more threatening diseases, but the gut—and its army of beneficial bacteria—are essential in protecting us from harm. That’s why eating genetically modified and/or conventionally farmed food could be a direct assault on your own health. Most recently, research has shown that Monsanto’s herbicide, known as Roundup, is destroying gut health, threatening overall health of animals, people, and the planet significantly.
Because GMOs alter livestock digestion, livestock must be given even more antibiotics just to keep them alive.  This industrial agriculture method has now created drug resistant bacteria, which some epidemiologists predict could have even more wide ranging, dire consequences like that already found in our hospitals.  Antibiotics disrupt gut flora in everyone who takes them. Cattle manure is then often spread on vegetable patches, and the antibiotics enter the vegetables!  From the Times article: “The C.D.C. director, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, likened the rising rates of stimulant prescriptions among children to the overuse of pain medications and antibiotics in adults”.

The journal Current Microbiology recently published a study that caught Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide’s active ingredient, glyphosate, suppressing beneficial bacteria in poultry specimens. Given that gut health is directly linked to chronic illnesses and overall health, this isn’t exactly welcome news for people who can’t always afford or who lack access to organic, locally grown food.

But it gets worse. While good bacteria died, highly pathogenic bacteria were unaffected by glyphosate. These pathogens include several strains of Salmonella and the class Colstridia, anaerobic bacteria known to be some of the deadliest known to us, including C. tetani (tetanus) and C. botulinum (botulin). Although botulin is used to ease overactive muscles and in Botox, America’s most popular cosmetic procedure, it takes but 75 billionths of a gram to kill someone weighing 75 kg (165 lbs).

This is a documentary thriller about how Agro-Chemical multinational corporations victimize international scientists to prevent them from publishing their scary findings.
Vandana Shiva has started a Seed Satyagraha – nonviolent non-cooperation around seed laws – has gotten millions of farmers to sign a pledge to break those laws.

Fruit Flies Live Longer when Fed Organic Diet

 In Italian government-sponsored research, (v) mice that were fed Monsanto’s GM corn, showed a wide range of immune responses. The mice had an increase in cytokines (substances that are secreted by specific cells of the immune system which carry signals locally between cells, and thus have an effect on other cells). The specific cytokines (interleukins) that were elevated are also higher in humans who suffer from a wide range of disorders. See the table below:
Elevated interleukins Associations
IL-6 Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, various types of cancer (multiple myeloma and prostate cancer)
IL-13 Allergy, allergic rhinitis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)
MIP-1b Autoimmune disease and colitis
IL-12p70 Inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis

As you can see, two of the elevated interleukins are associated with inflammatory bowel diseases and one is specifically associated with colitis.

“Our Children’s Bodies Have Become Garbage Cans”


French scientist Giles Seralini has been viciously attacked since his study on Monsanto’s glyphosate was published in a prestigious scientific journal last year. It was the first long-term study ever accomplished on genetically modified soy and it’s attendant herbicide- glyphosate.  Studies done by Monsanto last only 90 days- Seralini’s lasted two years.  Almost all the poor lab rats suffered massive tumors.  And almost all other studies done on the pesticide glyphosate have been kept secret.

Seralini and his team exposed the deception and the danger.  As did Carrasco in Argentina last year. As Seralini states “What matters is that our children’s bodies have become garbage cans! Everyday, I cry because of those diseases simply caused by the environment. More people have died because of chemicals than during World War II. Those who don’t want to see any cause for concern in our studies will have to answer for their serious dishonesty.”

CHILDREN ARE ESPECIALLY VULNERABLE TO PESTICIDES AND HERBICIDES  -they are proven to increase the rate of Cancer, ADHD, Allergies, gastro-intestinal disorders, endocrine disorders.  Read more on the science of it all here- A Generation In Jeopardy.  Genetically modified food crops often have a pesticide engineered into every bite of food- every cell of the plant!  Genetically modified foods are designed to be sprayed with massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides.  Is that why the USA is last of all industrialized nations in terms of it’s health, despite spending twice the amount on healthcare as any other nation?

Both GE soy and its attendant herbicide glyphosate were implicated in the cancers found in Seralini’s peer-reviewed study.  Any honest scientist would react with the desire to do more studies.  But bio-tech industry funded scientists only attacked Seralini’s methods and the data. The integrity of science is at stake! Read the Paris Match article here.  The journal that published his study has refused to retract it, despite enormous pressure from the bio-tech industry to do so.


American public health physician John Day MD explains how industry designs its “safety” studies on GMOs and pesticides to avoid finding harm.

 Agent Orange Corn Delayed By One Year.

Plans to include 2,4-D (half the formula for the notorious defoliant/war chemical used by the United States in Vietnam) as part of a new genetically modified corn have been put on hold.  DOW chemical will have to wait one more year for approval.  Over 450,000 negative comments were received by the FDA. Add your name to the list.  A history of DOW chemical here


A Salmon And An Eel Have A Baby

Genetically engineered Salmon is about to be approved for human consumption and it will not be labeled.  With all the scientific data saying that GE food is dangerous, will you want your family to eat salmon that had been engineered to grow twice as fast?

Sign the petition to try and stop it


Patented Chimpanzees 

A chimpanzee whose immune system was altered by genetic engineering has been patented.  Over 660 animals have been patented.  Should life forms be patented?  Shouldn’t society be debating this?  What are the implications?  Have you heard any debates on this issue?  Wh can GMO soy and corn be patented, yet remain unlabeled?


Supporters of genetically modified food often distort the debate by claiming that anyone that is opposed to GMO’s are “anti-science”.  But is that a scientific argument?


Many scientists, including many working in the biotech field, are opposed to GMO’s as food.  These scientists understand the many risks and valid criticisms of GMO’s.


This claim of “anti-science” is so completely wrong that it can only be understood as a deliberate falsehood meant to distract from discussing the truth: The truth is what the science says: GMO’s have not been proven to be safe.  Instead they have been proven to very dangerous and completely unnecessary.


Many of the scientists that support GMO crops are in fact employed by the companies that produce these crops. Not very scientific.

A small team of British scientists is calling for the legalisation of a technique for creating babies with altered genes, but there is no good medical argument for doing this, says Dr David King of Human Genetics Alert (HGA). The technique, mitochondrial replacement, would forever alter the genes we pass on to our children – in other words, the genetic changes will be passed on down the generations. Alteration of the human germline is rejected as unethical and risky by most governments and many scientists. But according to HGA, the UK is the weak link in the otherwise strong consensus against human germline genetic tinkering.

In the UK there’s an entire lobby devoted to pushing human genetic engineering, spearheaded by the Science Media Centre, its corporate funder AstraZeneca, and groups and individuals with links to the pro-corporate technophile cult, Living Marxism. New material added to Powerbase:

GMOs were presented by biotech firms to the public with the promise that these new “scientific” crops would reduce pesticide use.



No one likes pesticides except chemical companies.  (Monsanto is and always has been a chemical company.  Only fairly recently did they “diversify” into agriculture- in order to sell more chemicals!)


GMO’s have been such a spectacular failure at pest control that pesticide use has actually risen since they were introduced in the 1990’s.


Boycott GMO’s and meat from livestock that was fed using GMOs.  Join Pesticide Action Network.  Download their new report on pesticides.  Join the Center For Food Safety.  Explore the website GMWatch.


GMOs are the single most important health issue, environmental issue, legal issue and social issue of our time.


Don’t let chemical companies like Monsanto and DOW and Bayer (formerly known as IG Farben) control the debate.  Get involved and educated.  Your health and your children’s health is at stake.


Here is some good news! 

Cotton growers in India are turning their backs on GM Bt cotton and returning to indigenous varieties.


GMO labelling laws are up for consideration in 30 more states in the USA.

La Via Campsina says no to GMO’s
Hungary and Poland ban GMOs
Peru bans GMOs

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