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Cheerios claims to go GMO-free! Boycotts Work!

Cheerios goes GMO-free!  Boycotts Work!

Good news! – General Mills bows to consumer pressure and removes all GMOs from Cheerios.  They have not yet been certified by Non-Gmo project however.

non-gmoThe truth is hard to suppress even when it is ignored by almost  all major media.  The truth is that this is a consumer issue and consumers have the power.   Maybe we can even get our new Mayor deBlasio interested in getting GMOs out of our children’s school food!  The truth is that boycotts work.

The NY Times today published another long Sunday Magazine article by Amy Harmon that once again says that being Anti-GMO is being Anti-Science.  Being anti-GMO is actually to be pro-science.  That would be honest, real, independent science, not science funded by corporations seeking profit and control.  Monsanto’s ‘own safety studies’ on their own products are a casebook example of phony science!  In fact GMOs have hastened the death of integrity in science.

Also see Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of GMO’s.   How about  297 scientists and experts agree GMOs not proven safe.  How about Harmon doing some real research for her next article.

Despite Obama’s pledge to get GMOs labeled, (see video), a promise he broke, hardly a single politician has called for GMO labeling.   How can this be, when 93% of Americans, in poll after poll, want them labeled or banned outright?  Could it possibly be the vast sums of money that Monsanto and the Farm Bill and Bill Gates throw at GMO research and marketing?  Are they buying off politicians as well?

Meanwhile Time Magazine completely ignores GMOs in it’s year end issue, despite the fact that the genetic engineering of our food is the single most important environmental, health, social and legal issue of our day.  The New Yorker almost completely ignores GMOs, unless it is to denigrate those who actually believe all the evidence about how dangerous (and completely unnecessary) they are for everyone but Wall St. and the centralization of the global food supply, in a hilarious, evidence-free article called ‘The Psychology Of Distrusting GMOs”.  Somehow the writer missed all the evidence of damage to stomachs, livers, and reproductive organs of animals fed GMOs.  And the fact that since the introduction of GMOs into the US food supply, obesity rates have skyrocketed, ADHD rates have skyrocketed, cancer rates continue to climb, super-weeds and super-bugs have become severe farming problems, fertility rates have declined and new pathogenic soil organisms have been discovered that are linked to GMO crops.ap_ted_s_warren_fishy_corn_fishy_apple

“Fishy Food” cars tour the U.S.

IT DOESNT MATTER!!!  We have the power in this issue.  This is a consumer issue.  Boycott GMOs and they will go away!


#1  Look for the Non-GMO label

#2  Eat only free-range, grass fed meat and eggs and cheese.  Most GMOs are used to feed farm animals.  The GMOs make them sick and they must then be given medications.

#3  Buy organic packaged food if possible.  Most packaged processed food has GMO ingredients.

If you refuse to purchase genetically modified food then they will cease to exist.  Because next thing they will try and feed you is laboratory modified animals.  The government has even approved meat from cloned animals created by bio-tech companies for human consumption.  What’s next?  Do we really need cloning?  Do we really need genetic engineering?  There are many other, safer, more tested scientific possibilities for agriculture than tinkering with DNA and violating the species barrier of reproduction.

The main pesticide used with GMOs is called glyphosate, which has been proven to disrupt the working of the liver and the digestive tract, which can ultimately lead to chronic diseases such as depression, ADHD, obesity, and cancer.  Here is an article that brings it all home- Glyphosate- Killing Us Softly, Monsanto Style

This article is split into three parts. This is Part 1, Glyphosate: Chronic Disease Degeneration. It gives an overview and then goes on to discuss the primary findings of a new study about the human effects of Monsanto’s herbicide, glyphosate. Part 2, titled Glyphosate: Disease Creator, discusses specific diseases, applying the basic harms produced by glyphosate and showing how they lead to each disease. Part 3, titled Glyphosate: A Trajectory of Human Misery, discusses glyphosate’s use throughout the world and then draws conclusions.




Why Label GMOs? Monsanto Shares Plunge-Latest GMO news

Which of the following is true:

1. Russia considers ban on all GMO food products
2. Miley Cyrus comes out against the labeling of GMOs in Washington State
3. President Obama is negotiating secret free-trade legislation (TPP) that could make the labeling of GMOs illegal everywhere
4. Breaking Bad Final Episode contained a cameo by Miley Cyrus
If you picked #1 and #3 have a piece of cheese!  Both true! Funny how we all know about Breaking Bad and Miley Cyrus while only a few know about TPP trade legislation negotiations or the fact that GMOs represent the greatest health issue (severe allergies, adhd, depression, obesity, organ  damage, infertility, hormone disruption), environmental issue (chemical pollution, soil damage, cross contamination of  normal plants, increased pesticide use), legal issue (commercial GMOs are based on the patenting of life forms, even animals have been patented) and social issue (the death of scientific integrity, complete corporate control of our food supply, death of small farms) OF OUR DAY!
So lets get GMOs labeled here in the good old USA while we BOYCOTT them!  Do your health a favor, do your kids a favor, do the earth a favor, do your neighbors a favor and refuse to eat GMOs.  Do it with love!  Send $5 to Washington state to help counter the 17 million dollar advertising budget of Monsanto (Agent Orange) and Dupont (C8 Teflon) and Bayer (Zyklon-B), the major bio-tech players.  GMO food products are a complete scientific scam, good only for chemical company profits.  Why are they running food safety at the FDA?
Monsanto shares plunge on reduced seed sales.  Even though it’s product is guaranteed a profit via the ethanol corn program.  Any corn grown in the USA is guaranteed a market and a profit from the ethanol program, even though it takes more energy to convert the GMO corn into fuel than you get out of the fuel.  “The study concludes that the cumulative energy consumed in corn farming and ethanol production is six times greater than the power the ethanol provides in a car engine.”
HOW DO YOU BOYCOTT GMOs?  Eat only ethically raised organic meat- because most GMOs go towards feeding livestock in massive, hideous factory farms called CAFOs.  Our only sane response is boycott.  We must pressure NYC to serve GMO free food in NYC school cafeterias.
Three restaurant chains that have non-GMO, free-range meat.
Whole Foods and many other stores also sell free range meat.  It is well worth the extra cost.  Your health will greatly improve.  Avoid farm raised fish, and eat only organic milk and cheese.  Shop at health food stores.  Factory farmed food is almost devoid of real nutritional content.  For example- factory farmed fish have almost no omega-3 fats!  Have a look at at this chart comparing the nutritional content of GMO corn against natural corn.  A lot of people don’t want to spend a little extra for ethically raised meat but will gladly spend $4 on a Strabucks coffee.  What’s up with that?
Avoid any product containing soy oil, corn oil or cottonseed oil as the primary GMO crops are soy, corn and cotton, unless it says organic.  Also, if a product is labeled USDA Organic, or Non-GMO Project it is GMO free.
According to Dr. Huber, likely the leading GMO expert in the world, an award-winning, internationally recognized scientist, and professor of plant pathology at Purdue University for the past 35 years-the following three facts are some of the most important that everyone needs to understand about GMOs:

  1. Despite what the media and so-called “experts” proclaim, there are NO peer-reviewed scientific papers establishing the safety of GMO crops.According to Dr. Huber, so far, no one has been able to establish that there’s a safety factor to either the genetically engineered proteins (i.e. the foreign proteins produced by the genetically modified plant) or the chemicals we’re consuming in ever larger quantities as a result of the genetic engineering process.There are, however, both clinical and peer-reviewed scientific papers showing the hazards of GMO crops, including harmful secondary effects.

    “A group of us met with top USDA administrators. They assured us that they based all their decisions on peer-reviewed science. When we asked them if they would share any of that, they were unable to produce any,” he says.

  2. Epidemiological patterns show there’s an identical rise in over 30 human diseases correlated with our increased usage of glyphosate and the increased prevalence of genetically engineered proteins in our food.
  3. Genetically engineered foods, as well as conventional crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup), have lower nutrient density than organic foods. They also contain high amounts of pesticides with documented harmful health effects, along with novel, highly allergenic, proteins. source
Why are Bill Gates and Bono pushing GMOs on Africa?  Bill Gates also a huge influence in the increased testing of our teachers and children in public schools.

El Salvador votes to ban glyphosate

Union of Concerned Scientists respond again to Pam Ronald’s attack


Could YOU Be Altering Your OWN Genes When You Eat GMOs?


As discussed by Dr. Huber, research clearly shows that the novel proteins created in genetically engineered plants are highly allergenic, with the capability to promote diseases like cancer and liver or kidney failure. But Dr. Huber points out that there are other factors involved as well, which have some scientists concerned about the spread of those genes into the human gut… Not only do GMOs alter your intestinal microflora, but research shows that human cells are also able to transfer those novel genes, thereby affecting the human genome.

“Especially with generation two genetic engineering, called gene silencing—that section of the nucleic acid can actually be picked up or attached to your own genes, and then start shutting down your own physiology in that process… It’s well-documented in the scientific literature.”

Indeed, last year, University of Canterbury Professor Jack Heinemann released results from genetic research he conducted on this type of GE wheat, which showed without “any doubt” that molecules created in the wheat, which are intended to silence wheat genes to change its carbohydrate content, may match human genes and potentially silence them. If that’s not a concern, I don’t know what is! University Professor Judy Carman agreed with Heinemann’s analysis, stating in Digital Journal:6

“If this silences the same gene in us that it silences in the wheat — well, children who are born with this enzyme not working tend to die by the age of about five.”

Heinemann reported that his research revealed over 770 pages of potential matches between two GM genes in the wheat and the human genome. Over a dozen matches were “extensive and identical and sufficient to cause silencing in experimental systems,” he said. Experts warned that eating the wheat could lead to significant changes in the way glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body, which could be potentially deadly for children and lead to serious illness in adults.

GM seed monopoly: fewer choices, higher prices

How biotech companies monopolize seed markets, escalate seed prices, and eliminate choice.

Scientists, ethics, and the GMO debate

The conversation will revolve around the courage of independent scientists who value the importance of unbiased research and who have a firm understanding of the ethics of scientific research.  In the interest of professional integrity, they must and many have demanded the need to fully and comprehensively research GMO food crops without restrictive research mandates that fail to take into account the impact of biotechnologies on our health and environment and without the threat of the “purse” from the biotech industry.


Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating

For more than two decades, Monsanto has been poisoning our water, our soil, our food.

But right now, the Biotech Bully is focused on one thing: Poisoning the minds of voters in Washington State – voters who are still on the fence about I-522, an initiative to label GMOs in food sold in grocery stores.

Last week, Monsanto and friends launched a statewide, anti-labeling, anti-I-522 ad blitz. It looks a lot like the $46-million worth of negative, deceitful ads they unleashed last year this time in California. Ads that helped defeat California’s GMO labeling initiative.

Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, BASF and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (representing the junk food gang) are footing the bill. With almost $12 million (so far) to spend, they’re running ads that are dishonest and misleading. But clever. And convincing.  OCA


“What’s One More Protein?”

AT a panel discussion on April 4th at NYU entitled “GMO Labeling: Do We Need It?, sponsored by GMFree-NY, Dr. Walter S. De Jong from Cornell University, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, was introduced as a molecular geneticist.  His role on the panel was to take the position that GMOs did not need to be labeled and he stated that he didn’t see the need for labeling.  He was a congenial, soft-spoken fellow.  He said “all we are doing is slightly altering the genetic code of a plant in order to create one new protein.  There are hundreds and hundreds of proteins being scripted by DNA in every cell of that plant, all the time”.  Dr. De Jong then rhetorically asked, “What is one more protein?”

2013 Allergic Reaction

Unfortunately the other panel members ignored his rhetoric, which for a “molecular geneticist” was profoundly and shockingly ignorant.  As anybody who is familiar with the human immune system knows, “one more protein” can be a match that lights a fire that burns an entire house down.  This happens through the process of inflammation.


“One more protein”, especially an unusual and different protein, created in the lab by genetic engineers, will alert the immune system to inspect it.  If this strange protein is deemed threatening in any way then the immune system will call out the cavalry (antigen presenting cells, macrophages, T-helper cells, histamines and cytokines) for it’s immediate removal from the body.  Our immune systems do this all the time, all day long.  It is how we stay healthy in a world of potentially pathogenic microbes and proteins.

A strange protein constantly introduced to the body will crate a state of chronic inflammation in the body.  Chronic inflammation can result in any degenerative disease. Inflammation of the digestive tract will be especially harmful, and even low level inflammation that may have no immediate symptoms will eventually lead to serious problems.

A few examples:

A prion is a protein, an infectious disease-causing agent that is believed to be the smallest infectious particle. A prion is neither bacterial nor fungal nor viral and contains no genetic material. Prion ProteinsPrions have been held responsible for a number of degenerative brain diseases, including mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, fatal familial insomnia, kuru, and an unusual form of hereditary dementia known as Gertsmann-Straeussler-Scheinker disease.

A prion is just one more protein.

If a glass of milk or a slice of pizza causes swollen lips, hives, or other significant symptoms, you may have an allergy to casein, a protein in milk.  Just one more protein.

Another milk protein associated with food allergies is whey.   Some people are allergic to both casein and whey. If you are allergic to whey, as many people are, and you continue to drink milk, your health will suffer severely.

Whey is “just one more protein”.  You would be a fool to continue to consume milk.  You would avoid it.  Milk would be easy to avoid.  You would know when it was in something  because it would be labeled.

Inflammation is the process that the body undergoes to protect itself from foreign agents like viruses, pathogenic bacteria and strange proteins.  It now appears from all the evidence that GMOs trigger an immune response, because of the strange proteins being created by altering a plant’s DNA in a laboratory.  In fact the FDA’s own scientists warned that GMOs have the potential to trigger an allergic response (inflammation), and they recommended that GMOs should not be approved until long term tests were done as the precautionary principle, that used to govern science, would dictate.  Yet they were over-ruled by the head of the FDA, a man who had formerly worked for Monsanto, and the tests were never done.

Farmers report that their animals fed GMOs often have diarrhea, which is one of the body’s responses to a strange protein- get it out fast! The animal’s intestines become inflamed and the strange protein is quickly expelled.  These animals are sick, and are then given antibiotics and steroids to stop the inflammatory process.  But many farmers have reported that if they simply discontinued GMO feed, their animals recovered.

This inflammatory response is also occurring in humans who ingest GMOs.  Especially in children with new and untested immune systems, and the sick and the elderly.  Inflammation of the intestinal tract will lead to poor digestion.  Poor digestions will lead to deficiencies of vital nutrients.  Deficiencies of vital nutrients will lead to chronic life threatening degenerative disease, like cancer, Chrohn’s, arthritis, allergies to peanuts and pollen, and even to emotional and mental instability.

That is what “one more protein” can do.

Hard to avoid them if they are not labeled.





Pesticide Action Network – new report

The great PAN has released a new report with all the recent hard science on pesticides and the damage they are doing to our children.  Pesticides disrupt our hormonal system, and can thereby adversely effect multiple areas of our body.  Increases in early puberty, diabetes, obesity, asthma and ADHD are now conclusively tied to pesticides found in our food.

It is extremely important that this report be read and responded to forcefully.  More than one billion pounds of unnecessary chemical pesticides and herbicides were sprayed on our food last year.  Modern pesticides are a very recent addition to the number one human concern- Food.  There is a good reason that food comes first in the triumvirate “food, clothing, shelter”.  It is the single most important part of our lives.  Food connects everything.  Without food there is nothing. With bad food there is illness.  They are poisoning our children.

“The more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides used annually nationwide have contributed to an array of health problems in youth, including autism, cancer, birth defects, early puberty, obesity, diabetes and asthma, the Pesticide Action Network North America, an environmental group in Oakland, said in a report released Tuesday, based on dozens of recent scientific studies that have tied chemicals to children’s health, and their report sought to bring collective meaning to those findings.

“One of the things that is also really clear from science is that children are just much more vulnerable to pesticide exposure,” said co-author Kristin Schafer, senior policy strategist at Pesticide Action Network North America.

“In terms of how their bodies work and defense mechanisms work, how much (pesticides) they’re taking in pound for pound, they’re eating more, drinking more, breathing more than an adult, and are much more susceptible to harms that pesticides can pose.”

If we band together as parents and demand that NYC stop feeding pesticide-laden food to our children we can greatly help to alter this terrible course of agriculture. Organic or near-organic agriculture can feed a world population of 9 billion people.  Go to, download the pdf of a letter to Mayor Bloomberg demanding that he begin studying how to phase out poisonous food from NYC public schools.  Look for notification from for our upcoming strategy meeting at Jefferson Market Library.

Please forward this message to someone else.  Please get the report for yourself from Pesticide Action Network (PAN).  Give them a donation.  And remember that we were told that GMOs would lessen pesticide use- they have increased it.  Some form of GMOs have a bug-killing ingredient inserted into every cell  of the plant.  It is called Sweet Corn, it is made by Monsanto, and it will not be labelled.  Support proposition 37 in California.  Watch this video with Dave Mathews and Bill MAher and Danny Devito about proposition 37.  Why isn’t Whole Foods contributing to the campaign?  PLEASE WATCH Genetic Roulette- it is free again for this week, thanks to a donation from Nutiva.  Critical information on GMOs- their history, the junk science supporting them, their toxicity, and the corruption in government that keeps them subsidized and unlabeled.  Watch here now!

From the PAN report:

Children today are sicker than they were a generation ago. From childhood cancers to autism, birth defects and asthma, a wide range of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise. Our assessment of the latest science leaves little room for doubt: pesticides are one key driver of this sobering trend.

As the recent President’s Cancer Panel reports, we have been “grossly underestimating” the contribution of envi- ronmental contamination to disease, and the policies meant to protect us have fallen far short. Nearly 20 years ago, scientists at the National Research Council called for swift action to protect young and growing bodies from pesticides.1 Yet today, U.S. children continue to be exposed to pesticides that are known to be harmful in places they live, learn and play.

This report reviews dozens of recent studies that exam- ine the impact of pesticides on children’s health. Our analysis reveals the following:

• Compelling evidence now links pesticide exposures with harms to the structure and functioning of the brain and nervous system. Neurotoxic pesticides are clearly implicated as contributors to the rising rates of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, autism, widespread declines in IQ and other measures of cognitive function.

• Pesticide exposure contributes to a number of increasingly common health outcomes for children, including cancer, birth defects and early puberty. Evidence of links to certain childhood cancers is particularly strong.

• Emerging science suggests that pesticides may be important contributors to the current epidemic of childhood asthma, obesity and diabetes.

• Extremely low levels of pesticide exposure can cause significant health harms, particularly during pregnancy and early childhood.

PAGE 20 of the report:

Food consumed by school-age children can also contain pesticide residues. Researchers examining the diets of urban children found that 14 percent of the foods sampled con- tained at least one organophosphate pesticide. In total, 11 dif- ferent organophosphates and three pyrethroids were found.143 USDA residue sampling of produce commonly eaten by children—such as carrots, apples and peaches—found metabolites of dozens of different pesticides in each of these foods over the course of their testing (26 found in carrots, 42 in apples and 62 in peaches).*

Pesticides directly measured in children’s bodies also tell a story about the importance of dietary exposure. Researchers compared levels of organophosphate metabolites in the urine of children who were eating organic fruit, vegetables and juice with children eating conventionally farmed produce. They found that those with more organic diets had metabolite levels six times lower than those with conventional diets.144 Other studies show that when families switched to organic fruits and vegetables, metabolites of the insecticides chlorpyri- fos and malathion fell quickly to undetectable levels.

The Continuing Catastrophe

The Continuing Catastrophe Of Genetically Modified Foods

image source: Organic and Non-gmo Report

The evidence is just overwhelming that genetically modified food is a dangerous, poisonous system of agriculture that produces laboratory-created foods that are unnecessary, and unhealthy.  They are placing you and your children at risk.  The food in NYC school cafeterias is laden with them.  Most processed, packaged food contains them.  And all livestock, unless raised as free range, are fed GMOs, so you are eating GMOs when you eat meat.  Monsanto’s new GM sweet corn has been approved for human consumption.  Despite intense consumer pressure to not sell it, Wal-Mart has decided to sell it.  Will the NYC school food program be buying it?

Maybe someone will tell the real story about GMOs to our “Health Mayor” Mike Bloomberg, and he will immediately begin the study to phase out GMO’s from NYC school cafeterias (similar to what he did for trans-fats in restaurants) because he cares about children’s health as community board 2 asked him to do.

But that wouldn’t be good for fellow billionaire Bill Gates, who is travelling the world telling anyone who will listen that we need GMOs.  (Note: Bill Gates is also a huge proponent of charter schools).  He also just bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto! In a particular note of hypocrisy, he is pushing GMOs on Africa, where most farming is small scale.  As discussed in this article by Mark Bittman, the real science says that agro-ecological methods are the most efficient AND the most healthy approach.  It is an established undisputed fact that GMOs are not needed.  They do not increase yields.  So why is Bill Gates insisting otherwise?  Does it have something to do with patenting and control and getting even richer and more powerful?  Why isn’t his foundation dispensing information on all the advances in agriculture being made without manipulating the plants final DNA makeup in a laboratory, with the end result being a patented, toxic product?  Good only for cheap food and big profits if you are a gigantic agribusiness?  Why is Bill Gates telling us anything at all about agriculture?

Discover the truth.  Spend some time, investigate the issue and see for yourself.  Genetically modified crops and their attendant pesticides require some time and energy to understand.  The ramifications are enormous, and represent the most important environmental, health and legal issues of our time.

Beautiful must-see 28 minute movie called “Seeds Of Freedom” narrated by Jeremy Irons.  You can start at the 7 minute mark where he describes how after the second world war chemical warfare agents and bomb materials were turned into pesticides.  Genetic modification was foisted on us by chemical companies (with help from the government) in order to sell more chemicals.  The idea was to get farmers dependent on their patented products.  And they actually called it “The Green Revolution”!!  Chemical pesticide use has gone way up since GMO’s were first commercially produced in 1996.  Pesticides are implicated in ADHD, autism and cancer, (among other things) all of which are increasing in incidence and severity in the American public.  The USA is the world’s largest consumer of GMOs.


Hear it from farmers in this video.

Hear if from genetic engineers involved in creating GMO’s

GMO Myths and Truths,” presents a large body of peer-reviewed scientific and other authoritative evidence of the hazards to health and the environment posed by genetically engineered crops and organisms.

…the report came from two genetic engineers who believe there are good scientific reasons to be wary of GM foods and crops.

Dr. Michael Antoniou of King’s College London School of Medicine in the UK, uses genetic engineering for medical applications but warns against its use in developing crops for human food and animal feed.

Dr. Antoniou said: “GM crops are promoted on the basis of ambitious claims—that they are safe to eat, environmentally beneficial, increase yields, reduce reliance on pesticides, and can help solve world hunger.

“Research studies show that genetically modified crops have harmful effects on laboratory animals in feeding trials and on the environment during cultivation. They have increased the use of pesticides and have failed to increase yields. Our report concludes that there are safer and more effective alternatives to meeting the world’s food needs.”  source

Hear it from Michael Pollan who says “The discussion about GM will be dead within ten years… Pollan said anticipated GM breakthroughs “hadn’t borne fruit and conventional breeding is more effective”.


Meanwhile, back at the farm, eating genetically modified feed makes animals sick. (Most GMO’s are fed to livestock).

Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GM corn (Roundup Ready and Bt), which he fed to his pigs. Result: his sows became infertile, and then after one year he went bankrupt.

This confirms the “No Need For Condoms” study by the Austrian government showing that feeding mice exclusively on GM corn caused infertility:

Eating animals that were raised on GMOs will make you and your kids sick.


Maybe someone will send this to our “Health Mayor” Mike Bloomberg, and he will immediately begin the study to phase out GMO’s from NYC school cafeterias (like he did for trans-fats in restaurants, smoking and big sodas) because he cares about children’s health.


But that wouldn’t be good for fellow billionaire Bill Gates, who is travelling the world telling anyone who will listen that we need GMOs.  (Note: Bill Gates is also a huge proponent of charter schools).  He also just bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto! In a particular note of hypocrisy, he is pushing GMOs on Africa, where most farming is small scale.  As discussed in this article by Mark Bittman, the real science says that agro-ecological methods are the most efficient AND the most healthy approach.  It is an established undisputed fact that GMOs are not needed.  They do not increase yields.  So why is Bill Gates insisting otherwise?  Does it have something to do with patenting and control and getting even richer and more powerful?  Why isn’t his foundation dispensing information on all the advances in agriculture being made without manipulating the plants DNA in a laboratory, with the ed result being a patented, toxic product, that makes cheap food if you are a gigantic agribusiness?  Why is Bill Gates telling us anything at all about agriculture?


Using the pesticides and herbicides associated with GMOs makes the soil sick, and makes people sick.  Yes, glyphosate is conclusively linked to birth defects and soil sickness and new plant diseases.

GMOs and their primary pesticide glyphosate, which is also used by homeowners under the name trade name Round-Up, has been implicated in the ongoing death of the honeybees, called Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC).  In one German study, when bees were released in a GM rapeseed crop, then fed the pollen to younger bees, scientists discovered the bacteria in the guts of the young ones mirrored the same genetic traits as ones found in the GM crop, indicating that horizontal gene transfer had occurred.  source study

Wait…we can’t even get these substances labeled in the USA?  Even Bill Maher wants them labeled, and gives GMOs a whole minute on his show.  Nine out of ten Americans want them labeled, but when state legislatures pass laws requiring them to be labeled, governor’s refuse to sign for fear of of lawsuits from Monsanto!

GMOs and their relative farming methods are destroying the honeybees.  So Monsanto buys the honeybee research company to shut them up!  GE corn & neonicotinoid seed treatments go hand-in-hand.  “Monsanto bought the company, called Beeologics, in September 2011, just months before Poland announced it would ban growing of Monsanto’s genetically modified MON810 maize, noting, poignantly, that “pollen of this strain could have a harmful effect on bees.”  Watch this clip from “Vanishing Of The Bees


GMOs have created “superweeds” and “superbugs”.



Use of GMOs do NOT create higher yields and they increase pesticide use!



In case you were told otherwise GMOs do NOT create more nutritious food.



The Federal government has not tested GMOs for safety, yet claims they are safe.  The Federal government, in a proposal written by a former Monsanto lawyer, Michael Taylor, has adopted the position that genetically engineered crops are “substantially equivalent” to regular crops, and therefore do not need any special review.  How does Monsanto influence Washington?


It has also decided, “substantially equivalent” or not, that these crops are unique enough to be patented! That’s right.  We now license our food from Monsanto.  Monsanto and other bio-tech firms own entire forms of life that they have managed to alter in a laboratory.  This is the only real advantage of GMOs, and it certainly isn’t an advantage for anyone except the corporation.  Oh yeah- the other advantage is that these crops reduce the need for the human labor of pulling weeds or rorating crops.  Just douse the entire field, crop and all, with poison!  The weeds will die (or they used to, and the corn or soy or canola will stay alive).  Saves time and money for the farmer, and makes a lot of money for Monsanto, as they are really a chemical company.  Oh yeah, it makes you and your kids sick.


Leading agri-business corporations, associated primarily with poisonous chemicals like Agent Orange, have been allowed to do their own safety testing on these foods.  Surprise!  These leading corporations -Monsanto (agent orange), Bayer (zyklon-b), Dow (agent orange and dioxin) then claim the food is safe.  They then also limit access to their products so outside scientists cannot do independent safety tests.  These same corporations then claim the Federal Government should be responsible for insuring the safety of their food.


Genetically modified foods create allergies, infertility and gastro-intestinal disorders.


Genetically modified crops are banned from being grown in Ireland, Peru, Bulgaria, Japan.  In over 50 countries they are required to be labeled.  In the USA, we produce the most GMOs and require no labeling at all.


Children are at a particularly high risk from GMO foods.


Regulation of GMO crops to be lessened even further by new 2013 Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill contains a provision known as Section 733 that would allow biotech crops to be planted even if courts rule they were approved illegally.


The best way to avoid GMOs is to stay away from factory farmed meat!  Eat free range, or grass fed only, even at restaurants.  Why can’t school food serve organic meat?  They do in Italy!  Organic meat restaurants are popping up all over New York.  Look for Dirty Bird, Or Bare Burger or Gustorganics.


Avoid packaged food unless it is labeled organic.  GMOs are used for food additives in packaged food- like high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, canola or soy or cottonseed oil, and food colorings to just name a few.


We must get GMOs out of school food!


Meanwhile “Like it or not, Monsanto’s genetically modified sweet corn will soon be arriving on grocery store shelves of the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and will not be labeled as such. Despite an onslaught of consumer pressure, the company confirmed late last week with the Chicago Tribune that it has no objection to selling the new crop of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GE) sweet corn. Other retailers, including the grocery chains Safeway and Kroger, have not responded on the issue, however Whole Foods, Trader Joes and General Mills have all vowed to not carry or use the GE sweet corn. As the country’s largest grocery retailer, Wal-Mart sells $129 billion worth of food a year, giving it unmatched power in shaping the food supply chain.

The GE sweet corn is the first consumer product developed by Monsanto that will go straight from the farm to the consumer’s plate, rather than first being processed into animal feed, sugars, oils, fibers and other ingredients found in a wide variety of conventional food. It is engineered to be resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, the active ingredient of which is glyphosate. The product is also designed to produce a Bt toxin that will kill insects that feed on the plant. Monsanto’s new sweet corn is being harvested in the Midwest, Northwest, Southeast, and Texas.

“After closely looking at both sides of the debate and collaborating with a number of respected food safety experts, we see no scientifically validated safety reasons to implement restrictions on this product,” Wal-Mart officials told the Tribune.”  source


Study Proves Three Monsanto Corn Varieties’ Noxiousness to the Organism


Hear it in this song from EVeryman


Genetically modified food has become a caricature of corporate madness.   It is a dangerous, poisonous system of agriculture producing food not fit for man nor beast.

We can stop it.  Don’t pay them to do it!  Don’t buy it!  And make NYC Dept. Of Education remove it from school food.



New Evidence On Toxicity Of GMOs

The good news first- Community Board 4 passed a resolution calling for labeling of GMO’s! It also asks Mayor Bloomberg to investigate the safety of GMO’s in school foods.  CB4 approved the resolution after speeches by our Coalition.  I think this is an idea that could catch on with the City Council.
More good news- California will vote on a referendum in November to require the labeling of GMO’s in food.  Similar resolutions were passed by the legislatures of Vermont and Connecticut, but their governors refused to sign the bills- the governors said they were afraid of lawsuits from Monsanto!!!  Russia and China label GMO’s (and fifty other countries, but not in America).   Scientific evidence for the toxicity of GMO’s is overwhelming, especially for our kids.  Bee colonies are now collapsing everywhere from pesticides, so Monsanto buys the research company that produced the latest evidence on the death of the bees! (Hint: The pesticides are used with GMO corn crops)
“No farmer in their right mind wants to poison pollinators. When I spoke with one Iowa corn farmer in January and told him about the upcoming release of a Purdue study confirming corn as a major neonicotinoid exposure route for bees, his face dropped with worn exasperation. 

He looked down for a moment, sighed and said, “You know, I held out for years on buying them GE seeds, but now I can’t get conventional seeds anymore. They just don’t carry ‘em.”

The latest evidence that eating GMO’s is extremely toxic is here. The latest evidence that the pesticides used with GMO’s are extremely toxic is here. Italy now requires local and organic food for all it’s schoolchildren.  Doing so is the single most important healthy thing we could do for our kids and our environment.  The first step is finding out how outrageously toxic GMO’s are- especially for our kids. The second step is to label them and STOP BUYING THEM, and make our school district do the right thing.

The Bitter Secret about GMOs

Food connects everything.  It connects us to the earth.  It connects the sun the plants the animals to humans to the air and water and soil. It connects the countryside to the city.  It connects and bonds a culture.  To really connect with someone you share a meal.  Almost all holidays and ceremonies involve food.  We worship our lives with food.  Feelings of gratitude emerge along with customs of prayer when a meal is set before us.  Offerings to the gods are made with food.  Gods themselves become food.  Food is healing and comforting or conversely, food can make you sick.  You are what you eat is a literal truth.

Butter Sculpture

Food is the biggest business of all, dwarfing oil, pharmaceutical and transportation.  Food means big money, and as you follow the money and the control of agriculture, you discover the bitter secret behind GMO’s and what that secret means for our food and our health.  (GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism)

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach


I’ve been actively involved in trying to get GMO’s out of the American food supply for many years.  GMO’s are defined by the World Health Organization as “foods derived from organisms whose genetic material has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally”.  To accomplish this modification requires cutting-edge modern science, using a process that involves altering DNA.  As we learned in high school or college or on our own, DNA is the blueprint, the software, the building block of our physical self.  DNA was only discovered in 1953, yet science is now so powerful that it can purposefully alter these building blocks to great effect.  To some scientists this purposeful alteration represents a powerful and exciting development, while to others, GMOs are “Frankenstein” foods- dangerous and potentially tragic.  The vast majority of scientists and consumers feel is still too early to risk exposing ourselves and the environment to such untested and unpredictable tinkering.  Most of us do not even know we are eating GMOs, because if we did know, polls say, we would not purchase them or eat them.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) first came to my attention after my daughter developed serious asthma fourteen years ago.  Asthma is an auto-immune disorder which is very often triggered by environmental toxins.  So I became a toxin hunter.  As often happens while exploring, a vast new world was discovered.  As one man’s toxin is another man’s happy hour, defining exactly what a toxin is can be difficult.  In determining what is healthy and what isn’t, I encountered scientific deceit bolstered by public-relations spin, behind which stood huge corporate profits and the centralization and control of our food supply, with the entire process subsidized with taxpayer money!  A cover-up of all the toxic consequences of eating and growing genetically engineered food was in full swing.  And that made me mad.

To alter a plant’s DNA, genes are taken from completely different species, or even different kingdoms, and randomly inserted into another living plant’s (or animal’s) DNA: This new living thing takes on new characteristics.   An early genetic experiment involved taking genes from a cold-water fish (Winter Flounder) and inserting them into a tomato!  It was thought that this new tomato would be frost-resistant, and that we could then forever after enjoy fresh tomatoes throughout the winter!  Are you seeing the dollar signs yet?  This tomato never reached our dinner plates.  It was truly a monster, a Frankenstein, a mess.   Despite billions and billions of dollars in research and development, very few advantageous new traits have been created in plants by tinkering with their DNA in laboratories.  Despite what you may have heard, GMO plants do not produce higher yields, they are not more nutritious, and pesticide use has gone way up since they were introduced, which is the exact opposite of everything we were told.  The one advantage they really have are government price supports:  Uncle Sam will purchase your GMO soy or corn crop for a set price, guaranteed.  If you plant GMOs you are guaranteed a profit due to price supports on corn and soybeans!  Now that’s an advantage that has nothing to do with the laboratory.

Toxic Overload

In just fifteen years since their arrival in our supermarkets, GMO’s have reached a saturation point in the American diet, and the health of the average American is in steep decline.  Since that time we have seen skyrocketing numbers of severe food allergies and auto-immune disorders like asthma.  ADHD and mood disorder rates, which many nutritionists link to digestion and gut flora, are increasing.  The cancer rate is still climbing and so are nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s.  Huge increases in obesity and diabetes can be linked to the ultra-cheap corn and corn syrup supplied by GMO corn.  Many, many studies have consistently shown genetically modified food to be dangerous and unhealthy, and it’s showing up in our health, especially in the health of our children, who are much more vulnerable to the effects of toxic food.

Whether GMOs actually affected my daughter’s asthma is not provable, since no human testing has been done on GMOs.  To understand why GMOs have never been tested on humans brings us to the sensitive issue of political corruption.   The Food And Drug Administration is the federal agency tasked with protecting us from dangerous substances.  They can and do use SWAT team raids to shut down raw milk operations or organic cheese producers.  They also put the warning labels on cigarettes and made the law that keeps them out of reach of children.  Yet they have refused to mandate labels on GMOs.  Internal memos of FDA scientists prior to the approval of GMOs have revealed that many, many red flags were flying and warning signals were sounding from the FDA’s own tests.  Yet when a major bio-tech corporation (Monsanto) had their own lawyer installed in high places at the FDA, (Michael Taylor) the approval for GMOs was fast-tracked.  George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama are all complicit in this, as they all were responsible for the FDA appointees.  Al Gore, Mr. Green, is a huge supporter of GM foods.  Monsanto, which has a terrible history of corporate criminality, and is primarily a chemical company, was effectively allowed to run the safety and approval division of the Food And Drug Administration!  Which means that we are not being protected from monsters.   GMOs are now in 75% of all packaged and processed food in America, while the ingredient label is silent.

GMO’s have been proven to heighten and cause allergic responses, and a body already fighting one allergy can become susceptible to other allergies- in effect creating an overactive immune system.  This is called toxic overload, which can lead to numerous immune disorders like lupus, or chronic fatigue syndrome.  Also provable is that the American public has been sold a bill of goods that is absolutely not in their best interest, and especially their children’s best interest.  And that makes me mad.

Terrible allergies are only one concern about GMOs.  Farmer Jerry Rosman describes the infertility he and twenty-five farmers in his area experienced in their breeding sows that were fed GMO corn. Other serious concerns relate to the pesticides that are used in conjunction with GMOs.  The single advantage resulting from cross-species genetic manipulation has been in making certain plants like soy and canola able to withstand huge dosing of chemical herbicides.  These are broad-spectrum herbicides, like Agent Orange-a Monsanto product- that kill everything, every plant, except the modified plant.  As a result herbicide use has greatly increased, even though we were told it would decrease.  And the main GMO herbicide, glyphosate, is now implicated in numerous human and animal illnesses, diseases and death.  Purdue University Professor Emeritus Don Huber explains his concerns about new pathogenic soil organisms that he believes are generated by GMOs.  He also addresses the infertility issue.  A recent study even showed that everyone now has glyphosate in their urine!Even the pollen from GMO plants can cross breed with pollen from natural plants and contaminate them.


Believe it or not there are still more serious concerns with GMO plants and animals.  A different “advantage” conferred on GMO crops is the insertion of a pesticide toxin, called Bt, into every cell of the plant- the idea being that when a pest eats the plant it will die.  The idea worked, except will also eat that toxin in their food.  The bacteria in our gut can even incorporate that toxin-making DNA into their own DNA, making our stomachs pesticide factories.  This approach has backfired, as predicted by many scientists.  Because of overplanting, some pests are no longer affected by the toxin- they are now officially classified as super-bugs.  Super weeds have been reported as well.  All the while, gastroenterological disorders are on the rise. Unhealthy intestinal bacteria are linked to numerous disorders. This Bt GMO toxin is now found in the breast milk of almost every nursing woman in the USA!  It is in almost all of us.  It has been found in fetuses. The FDA does not have your best interest in mind when they approved these completely unnecessary crops.

Darker Still

One of the reasons GMOs have been forced on us by successive administrations has nothing to do with us at all.  It is for geo-political reasons, whose goal is to control the world’s food supply.  It appears that our food policy is being dictated by the same people that make our nuclear weapons and drone bombers!

Henry Kissinger sponsored a study in 1974 “entitled National Security Study Memorandum 200. This report stressed that only 13 countries are projected to account for 47 percent of the world population increase by the year 2050. It further argued that this would undermine the stability of countries friendly to the US and therefore harm the “national security” of the US as well “.     It was recently shown that the US State department has instructed its diplomats to push “GM crops as a strategic government and commercial imperative”.

Monsanto’s stated goal to The Anderson Consulting Group was “that 100% of all seeds in the world to be modified and patented”!  Since all GMO products are patented, this is an achievable goal, however unrealistic it sounds.  Monsanto has long ties to the Pentagon, most famously as the makers of Agent Orange, used to defoliate the jungles during the Vietnam war.  It is estimated that 500,000 children were born with birth defects in Vietnam as a result of massive chemical bombardment.

Monsanto has been aggressively buying smaller conventional see companies.  They also sue farmers when their GMO crops blow on to a conventional farmer’s fields from neighboring fields.  They expect these farmers to pay them for their products!  With a huge budget for litigation, these small farmers often just start growing GMOs to avoid the hassle.  Organic farming increases yields, but since the plants cannot be patented, so there is no possibility for control and the better option for our health is not much discussed by the Feds.


The Rest Of The World Not So Gullible

Peru recently called for a 10 year moratorium on the planting of genetically modified food crops.  France just upheld a ban on the planting of genetically modified maize.  All GMOs are outlawed in Japan and Ireland.  One of the world’s leading bio-tech companies has completely abandoned the European market due to public and farmer opposition.  That company is Bayer, the same company that made cyanide gas for the concentration camps under Hitler.  Bayer’s GMO division has relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina, finding a more favorable business climate here. GMOs are viewed with extreme hostility in all of the European Union.  If a product contains even a trace amount of GMO material it must be labeled as such.  China and Russia have severely limited them, China having just announced that after a seven year long study they will not develop genetically engineered rice.  Not so in the United States, where the vast majority of GMO research, development and production occurs.   GMO alfalfa was just approved, a new strain of GMO sweet corn for human consumption was just approved, and many think that approval of GMO salmon will soon be announced.  GMO trees are being tested.  Cloned pigs have been approved.

Just Label It

California has a ballot initiative up for vote in November.  It requires that all genetically modified foods be labeled as such so that Californians know what they are eating. Trans-fats, salt and sugar are labeled- why not GMOs? Is it because according to polls, many Americans would choose not to eat them?

Let Food Be Your Medicine, Let Medicine Be Your Food

I could go on and on.  It is a complicated story with a lot of history and it is taking place all over the world.  The good news is that we as consumers hold the winning cards in this battle. We must refuse to purchase and eat GMO food.  If we don’t buy, they can’t sell it.  This isn’t easy right now because GMOs aren’t labeled.  If the California ballot initiative can pass, it will be a huge victory for health, truth and justice.  Stop by their website today and give them a donation.  If you live in California, give them a hand.  Boycott GMOs, especially for your children.  The simplest way is to cook as much of your own food as possible.  75% of all packaged food contains GMOs. Most of the GMOs are used for animal feed, so try to eat only organically raised meat.  GMO crops are also used for making cooking oil.  So avoid cottonseed oil, canola oil, corn oil and soy oil, as these are the four main GMO crops.  Since corn and soy are in almost all processed foods, stay away from packaged foods that contain these ingredients.  GMO ingredients are not allowed in certified organic products either.  Good food makes you healthy and happy.  Go for it, and do the whole world a favor.  Oh and by the way- my daughter is 17 now, takes no medication, and she hasn’t had an asthma attack in many years.

Food Connects Everything. Even Republicans and Democrats.

Dear Safe Food Coalition and Friends-

“Recent nationwide polls show that 93% of Americans support GMO labeling.  As ABC News stated, ‘such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.’”

Food Connects Everything.  Even Republicans and Democrats.

“Other Possibilities” at Livestream  will be interviewing me tonight on the dangers of GMO’s.  I’ll be steering the discussion around to school food and the need to get GMOs out of the food that we serve our children.  7:30 pm right here
Activity is really heating up on GMOs because this is an issue where WE have control!
Most GMO’s are served to animals in facilities called CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).  It is very important that you not eat meat created in these facilities!  It is full of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides and GMOs!  (The biggest market by far, for GMOs). It is first and foremost unethical and inhumane.  It is also unsustainable.  It is also torture.
You pay them to do it when you buy their products.  We aren’t gonna eat it anymore.  Don’t eat what was produced by Wall St!
For more information on CAFOs go here.
Fo a recent article on GMOs I wrote for go here.

In total, seventeen states are looking at labeling GM foods, from corn to fish, though similar attempts were unsuccessful in the past. In Hawaii, for example, four bills have been introduced in the State legislature dealing with GMO labeling requirements. Connecticut legislators have also been considering labeling laws in their state. Vermont is also looking to pass the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, which would require labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. A similar bill was also recently introduced in Washington state.

All The Best-



World Food Day Speech



Hello!     I have a similar message as some of the earlier speakers.  It is this: Food Connects Everything.

If  “you are what you eat” then we have become disconnected from what we are.  Most of us are now disconnected from where our food comes, from how it is raised or from how it is processed.

But that is rapidly  changing. More and more people want to know what the hell is going on under the shrink-wrap and behind the glitzy advertising.  Not very long ago the notion of not being connected to how food was produced was absurd.  Many of us, our families,  friends, neighbors or acquaintances  were small farmers, who had  commitment, of necessity, to the land and to the community.  How fast things change!!!


Guess what:  Wall St. hates small farmers.  They can’t make any money from them.  That’s why the system is now so heavily rigged in favor of enormous, anonymous, disconnected corporate agriculture.  The dice are loaded- in favor of huge food producers that have no interest in community or in the land, or in you or in anything at all except power.  That is what genetically modified food is really about.   Some of these massive corporations have a psychopathic mindset: Increase profit no matter the consequences, no matter what happens to cultures, or to ecosystems:  no matter what happens to the planet as a whole, shown very clearly in the book “Seeds Of Destruction”, by William Engdahl, and in the great documentary “The Corporation”. They can now even legally put a patent on life-forms!

To be able to do that, they first had to help destroy the political process in America. Polls have repeatedly shown that 80-90% of Americans want genetically modified food to be labelled.  But it never even comes up for a vote.  Those that run our government can even pass a Food Safety Modernization Act that had almost no popular support, that doesn’t even mention genetic modification, doesn’t even mention torture chambers and antibiotic overuse in the massive modern feedlots called CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).

So we must OCCUPY Wall St.   We must change the banks that  control our political system.   Occupy, Protest and Refuse to move.  But we must add to that, something even more important.   We must brave, bold and beautiful: and we must BOYCOTT the food system that is slowly destroying our communities!

So- occupy your kitchen.

Do not eat what was produced by Wall St.

You may think BIG OIL drives our political system,  that the need for oil drives the war machine. Or maybe you may think  the pharmaceutical corporations, or the military industrial complex represent  the true malevolent spirit of corporate dominance in the USA.  But the food industry is much bigger than both of them combined.  And like Big Pharma and Big Oil, Wall St. wants the food industry to be dominated by a handful of corrupt corporations, so good-bye small farmers.

One of the first things Paul Bremer did after the USA occupied Iraq was to re-write their agricultural laws and make Monsanto’s biotechnology products mandatory for Iraqi farmers!  Our State Department has also traded nuclear secrets with India, as a bribe to their leaders in order to get favorable treatment for Monsanto’s operations in India.  Monsanto also has been caught bribing officials all over the world.  This kind of craziness wants control, which to them means having some control over every bite you eat. Believe it or not, that is their stated goal.  Believe it or not- they are getting kinda close to it!

DO not eat what was produced by Wall St.

If you don’t eat it, they won’t make it. AND LET THEM KNOW you are not gonna eat it anymore.  Write a letter to the food giants.  Tell your supermarket manager you want organic options, and that you want all GMO foods to be labelled.  Educate yourselves about genetic modification and spread the word.  Pass books and articles around.  One of the reasons that the anti-GMO movement is hard to grow is that the issues are complex.  And they are not being reported in the media.  One of today’s speakers said that this issue is not on the front page of the NY Times.  Well it isn’t on the second, third or last page either.  They have one writer who occasionally mentions the topic, Mark Bittman, but he is not in their print edition.  He is a blogger.  This topic is never fully explored-not on NPR- and it has never been in The New Yorker, despite all the mountains of scientific evidence showing it to be dangerous.  Appearances to the contrary, information is very carefully controlled in this country.  And as another speaker said today- these GMO-linked pesticides are proven endocrine disruptors.  They have been clearly shown to cause many serious health problems in many different studies all over the world.  Monsanto is now even refusing access to their seeds, making it hard for scientists to study them.  That’s OK with the FDA, since Monsanto’s vice-president has been made head of food safety over there.  So the FDA just takes Monsanto’s own studies as the gospel truth, despite decades of lying, law-breaking and huge settlements and court decisions against them.  This is faked science, and a clear violation of the Precautionary Principle that once was a guiding force in scientific exploration.  Watch the documentary “The World According To Monsanto” for details.  It won’t be on your TV, trust me on that, but you can still find it on the internet.

DO not eat what was produced by Wall St.

Why is it brave and bold and beautiful to do this?  Because everyone is going to think you have become a big pain in the ass.  Many will think you are crazy, or that you have fussy eater syndrome or that you are neurotic and controlling.  You aren’t.  You are SANE, you are brave and you are bold.

Food connects everything.  Food connects Big Oil to Big Pharma to Wall St., to you, and even to the war machine that America has become.  Corporate agriculture uses a lot of oil.  Corporate agriculture makes bad food, which makes you and your children sick, so you then buy Big Pharma’s products.  So by REFUSING to eat their garbage, their aspartame, their high fructose corn syrup, their genetically modified corn and soy and beet sugar, and cotton seed oil and canola oil, by refusing to buy meat that was tortured it’s entire life and force fed genetically modified garbage and growth hormones and antibiotics, you will help hit WALL ST. and the banks in the only place it can hurt them.  In their balance sheets, in their wallets, in their bottom line, in their stock prices.  And you will help yourself.

Do not go to restaurants that do not have a no-GMO policy.  GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms.  This is the hardest part of the boycott.

LET ME TELL YOU what it means to get some bacon and eggs at the corner diner.  Or some prosciutto bolognese at that great Italian restaurant downtown, or a cheap hotdog from the hot dog guy at the game, or on the street.  That bacon was produced on a hog farm in North Carolina or Iowa that literally tortures their pigs, who never see the light of day, never see the sun, while living on concrete floors inside a giant warehouse.  They are stuffed full of genetically modified corn and soy animal feed, stuffed full of antibiotics and growth hormones while surrounded by giant lagoons of pig shit that make local residents sick.  They can make bacon really cheap this way, and they have almost completely driven the small family hog farmers out of business.

This industrial corporate model of agriculture is being exported BY WALL ST. into other nations using free trade agreements negotiated by our State Department, which are the only things congress can agree on anymore.  Big surprise.  Three new free trade agreements were passed just last week.  Free trade agreements make it easier for Wall St. to control you and what you do.  Free trade agreements supersede sovereign national and local authority.  Free trade agreements increase corporate power.

In order to grow enough GE corn and GE Soy for the factory meat farming operations the Amazon forest is being cut down. (GE stands for Genetically Engineered)  Cows are supposed to eat grass, and pigs will eat anything and chickens will eat bugs, but corporate profit says destroy the Amazon to feed GE soy to the animals.

SO-   that bacon that you paid for in that hypothetical corner diner, (and the eggs you just ate with it that were definitely produced by torture the same way the bacon was), is filling you and your children with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones while poisoning the community where it was produced, destroying the rainforest and driving small farmers out of business. Here and overseas.  And you just paid them to do it.  Wall St. created it BUT YOU ate it.

Let’s face it.  You need a phone- so choose Verizon or ATT or Sprint.  You need gas- choose one of the 5 big oil companies- the same bunch of criminals – you don’t have a choice.  But you can still choose non-corporate food.  MAKE THAT CHOICE.  Cook at home or eat at farm-to-table restaurants.  Shop at health food stores, buy organic, buy free trade, buy local, PACK A LUNCH.  Join Community Supported Agriculture programs. (CSA’s)

WE MUST DEMAND THAT GMO’s be labelled so we know exactly what not to eat!!!

Occupy Wall St. and Occupy Your Kitchen.  Food Connects Everything.  MAKE THAT CONNECTION. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful …BOYCOTT.

While you are at it- Take your money, your savings and checkbook accounts- out of the big banks- put them in small local credit unions (Amalgamated is a good one here in New York) or into savings and loans.  Also patronize local craftspeople, take a bike to work and use herbs instead of pharmaceuticals when you get sick.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful, BOYCOTT





Genetic modification and Science

Greenpeace recently destroyed some GM wheat trials in Australia, and subsequently were accused of being “anti-science”.  What follows is their response (partially edited).

Climate denial, science and Genetic Modification
John Hepburn
Rooted [original publisher], August 2 2011

Greenpeace have been strongly criticised in recent weeks over the destruction of a trial crop of genetically modified wheat. Some critics have labelled the organisation ‘anti-science’ and claim that opposition to GM crops somehow contradicts the support of climate science.

Firstly, it is useful to revisit what ‘science’ actually is, and what it isn’t.

Science is broadly defined as the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. The scientific method involves observing the world, putting forward a hypothesis (theory), and then attempting to disprove that hypothesis. Theories that can’t be disproved become accepted, until they are disproved and replaced by a theory that is more robust.

So, contrary to much popular opinion, science really isn’t about ‘proof’ at all. It is about ‘disproof’.

But the scientific method does not stand alone in our decision making about science and technological development. Science is, and must be, guided by values and principles, one of which is the ‘precautionary principle’. The application of the precautionary principle helps to determine where the burden of proof or the burden of disproof should lie.

But firstly, it is important to be clear that genetically modified foods are not science. Nuclear power isn’t ‘science either. Neither are pop-up toasters. They are the commercial products that rely on scientific understanding for their development.

The ‘science’ involved in genetic engineering is the theory of the genome and the relationships between DNA, RNA and proteins. One of the technological spin-offs of these scientific theories (which thus far have not been disproven) is a technique of inserting genes from one species into the genome of another in order to achieve a beneficial trait in the recipient organism.  The body of scientific evidence suggests that the relationships between DNA, RNA and proteins are extremely complex and the implications of inserting a foreign gene are likely to be many and unpredictable.

For example, the Human Genome Project revealed that we humans have far fewer genes than previously expected – around 20,500 genes that encode the proteins for all the parts of our bodies. On the other hand, the tiny roundworm (Caenorhabditis elegans) has nearly as many genes as we do—approximately 20,100—but far fewer body parts.  It is estimated that some 650,000 protein interactions occur in humans, approximately three times more than that in the roundworm. Moreover, it seems that a single protein can have dozens, if not hundreds, of different interactions.

We need to remember this complexity in the relationships between DNA, RNA and proteins when it comes to how we regulate genetically engineered organisms.

The problem, and a root cause of the controversy over the regulation of GM foods, is that determining where the burden of proof should lie for safety of new products not a scientific ‘given’. It is actually a value judgement based largely on an assessment of costs and benefits. The proponents of GM (biotech companies, chemical companies and some scientists) argue in favour of the doctrine of ‘substantial equivalence’. In effect, it assumes that genetically engineered foods are substantially equivalent to traditionally bred varieties of the same food because only a small number of extra genes have been inserted. As a result of this assumption, GM foods are assumed to be safe until proven otherwise.

On the other hand, many public health organisations, environmental groups and some scientists argue that ‘substantial equivalence’ does not account for the complexity of possible results arising from the insertion of novel genes into organisms, and that unexpected effects are likely. Accordingly, if a precautionary approach is taken, then the burden of proof should be on the proponents of GM to demonstrate that GM foods are safe in much the same way that new pharmaceuticals need to be demonstrated to be safe.

Ultimately, this debate is not about science, it is about politics. It is about evaluating who benefits from GM crops, and who should bear the risks. Greenpeace’s position is influenced by the simple observation that most of the GM crops that have been developed have been done so for the private benefit of agro-chemical companies that wish to extend their control over the food chain.

From our discussions with public health experts around the world, a common view emerges: If the potential risks of negative health impacts from GM foods became manifest, then the impacts could be significant, would be spread widely within the community and would be difficult to detect (in part due to poor labelling requirements).

The high profile public debate about genetically engineered foods has been mischaracterised as a pro vs. anti science debate, but it is really a debate about the politics of technology, and about the risks and benefits of one particular technology.
Whenever you have a cost/benefit equation, you need to deal with value judgements and vested interests. In cases where the people taking a risk are the people benefitting, you are likely to see widespread acceptance. A good example of this is the mobile phones which offer clear benefits to people even though there are concerns over a possible increased incidence of brain cancer. With GM foods, the companies benefit, consumers bear the health risks, and the risks of GM crops are ‘externalised’ upon the wider environment.

Greenpeace is not opposed to the science of genetics. We are not opposed to research into new and innovative forms of plant breeding. What Greenpeace are opposed to is the widespread release of genetically modified organisms into the environment and the food chain without due diligence being done on the risk of long-term negative impacts. Our position is based on the precautionary principle, on respect for science, and on critical analysis of the environmental and social risks of new technologies.