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GM Crops (Just The Science)

GMO's make animals sick

Proponents claim that genetically modified (GM) crops:
-are safe to eat and more nutritious
-benefit the environment
-reduce use of herbicides and insecticides
-increase crop yields, thereby helping farmers and solving the food crisis
-create a more affluent, stable economy
-are just an extension of natural breeding, and have no risks different from naturally bred crops.

However, a large and growing body of scientific research and on-the-ground experience indicate that GMOs fail to live up to these claims. Instead, GM crops:Evidence for concern
-can be toxic, allergenic or less nutritious than their natural counterparts
-can disrupt the ecosystem, damage vulnerable wild plant and animal populations and harm biodiversity
-increase chemical inputs (pesticides, herbicides) over the long term
-deliver yields that are no better, and often worse, than conventional crops
-cause or exacerbate a range of social and economic problems
-are laboratory-made and, once released, harmful GMOs cannot be recalled from the environment.

The scientifically demonstrated risks and clear absence of real benefits have led experts to see GM as a clumsy, outdated technology. They present risks that we need not incur, given the availability of effective, scientifically proven, energy-efficient and safe ways of meeting current and future global food needs.
This paper presents the key scientific evidence – 114 research studies and other authoritative documents – documenting the limitations and risks of GM crops and the many safer, more effective alternatives available today.

Animal studies on GM foods give cause for concern
Although studies on humans have not been done, scientists are reporting a growing number of studies that examine the effects of GM foods on laboratory animals. These studies, summarized below, raise serious concerns regarding the safety of GM foods for humans as well as animals.


TED Talk: an 11 yr old schools the crowd on GMO’s



Food For Kids Not Corporations

Get Educated on genetically modified food! Ever wonder why the number of children with food allergies has gone up so drastically? Bio-tech, genetically modified foods are the number one suspect!

GMO’s are in 75% of all processed food.  In numerous scientific studies they have caused organ failure, infertility, early death, and MANY other problems in LABORATORY animals.  Yet the Food and Drug Adminstration has still not required independent long-term safety tests on these foods!   Many countries have banned them completely, or at the very least, require them to be labeled.  Not so, here in the USA.

Organic farming can feed the world! according to a  study done at the University of Michigan.

The NYC Dept. of Education buys more food than anyone else in the USA besides the military.  Why do we let them buy, with our money, food that harms us and the environment?

The Many Hazards of CAFO’s

The meat they serve our children is raised in CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), operations that torture animals, overuse antibiotics and growth hormones, while feeding their animals GMO’s that make them sick, and that flood the land with unbelievable amounts of waste!  Why do we allow this to happen?  Let’s make a change!

Organic food is not elitist!  GMO’s and CAFO’s are elitist, as they benefit only the very wealthy.  Cheap food is not cheap.  Factor in the cost of poor health and a ruined ecology, and cheap foods are very expensive.  Organic farming would also create jobs while it restores our land, rivers and streams and dead zones back to health!



We Are Mad As Hell and We Aren’t Gonna Eat It Anymore


Calcium Scam

Although milk and cheese are rather poor sources of calcium, and most of us are lactose intolerant,  (80% of African-Americans and 90% of Asians cannot properly digest milk) it is served with every school meal!  On top of that, the milk is often made with a genetically engineered growth hormone designed to increase milk production.  The entire dairy industry is supported by agriculture subsidies, that we pay for as taxpayers.  Then in go the antibiotics and the growth hormones and the pesticide-laden genetically modified corn and soy for the animal feed, and out comes a product on every school breakfast and lunch tray.  And most parents think that if you strip out the fat, the milk is healthy. Don’t believe it!  Milk is a poor diet choice for most people, and a mediocre source of calcium for everyone!  There are many reasons for this, but the truth is that countries like China and Japan that eat almost no dairy, also have almost no osteoporosis and almost no breast cancer or prostate cancer!