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World Food Day Speech



Hello!     I have a similar message as some of the earlier speakers.  It is this: Food Connects Everything.

If  “you are what you eat” then we have become disconnected from what we are.  Most of us are now disconnected from where our food comes, from how it is raised or from how it is processed.

But that is rapidly  changing. More and more people want to know what the hell is going on under the shrink-wrap and behind the glitzy advertising.  Not very long ago the notion of not being connected to how food was produced was absurd.  Many of us, our families,  friends, neighbors or acquaintances  were small farmers, who had  commitment, of necessity, to the land and to the community.  How fast things change!!!


Guess what:  Wall St. hates small farmers.  They can’t make any money from them.  That’s why the system is now so heavily rigged in favor of enormous, anonymous, disconnected corporate agriculture.  The dice are loaded- in favor of huge food producers that have no interest in community or in the land, or in you or in anything at all except power.  That is what genetically modified food is really about.   Some of these massive corporations have a psychopathic mindset: Increase profit no matter the consequences, no matter what happens to cultures, or to ecosystems:  no matter what happens to the planet as a whole, shown very clearly in the book “Seeds Of Destruction”, by William Engdahl, and in the great documentary “The Corporation”. They can now even legally put a patent on life-forms!

To be able to do that, they first had to help destroy the political process in America. Polls have repeatedly shown that 80-90% of Americans want genetically modified food to be labelled.  But it never even comes up for a vote.  Those that run our government can even pass a Food Safety Modernization Act that had almost no popular support, that doesn’t even mention genetic modification, doesn’t even mention torture chambers and antibiotic overuse in the massive modern feedlots called CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).

So we must OCCUPY Wall St.   We must change the banks that  control our political system.   Occupy, Protest and Refuse to move.  But we must add to that, something even more important.   We must brave, bold and beautiful: and we must BOYCOTT the food system that is slowly destroying our communities!

So- occupy your kitchen.

Do not eat what was produced by Wall St.

You may think BIG OIL drives our political system,  that the need for oil drives the war machine. Or maybe you may think  the pharmaceutical corporations, or the military industrial complex represent  the true malevolent spirit of corporate dominance in the USA.  But the food industry is much bigger than both of them combined.  And like Big Pharma and Big Oil, Wall St. wants the food industry to be dominated by a handful of corrupt corporations, so good-bye small farmers.

One of the first things Paul Bremer did after the USA occupied Iraq was to re-write their agricultural laws and make Monsanto’s biotechnology products mandatory for Iraqi farmers!  Our State Department has also traded nuclear secrets with India, as a bribe to their leaders in order to get favorable treatment for Monsanto’s operations in India.  Monsanto also has been caught bribing officials all over the world.  This kind of craziness wants control, which to them means having some control over every bite you eat. Believe it or not, that is their stated goal.  Believe it or not- they are getting kinda close to it!

DO not eat what was produced by Wall St.

If you don’t eat it, they won’t make it. AND LET THEM KNOW you are not gonna eat it anymore.  Write a letter to the food giants.  Tell your supermarket manager you want organic options, and that you want all GMO foods to be labelled.  Educate yourselves about genetic modification and spread the word.  Pass books and articles around.  One of the reasons that the anti-GMO movement is hard to grow is that the issues are complex.  And they are not being reported in the media.  One of today’s speakers said that this issue is not on the front page of the NY Times.  Well it isn’t on the second, third or last page either.  They have one writer who occasionally mentions the topic, Mark Bittman, but he is not in their print edition.  He is a blogger.  This topic is never fully explored-not on NPR- and it has never been in The New Yorker, despite all the mountains of scientific evidence showing it to be dangerous.  Appearances to the contrary, information is very carefully controlled in this country.  And as another speaker said today- these GMO-linked pesticides are proven endocrine disruptors.  They have been clearly shown to cause many serious health problems in many different studies all over the world.  Monsanto is now even refusing access to their seeds, making it hard for scientists to study them.  That’s OK with the FDA, since Monsanto’s vice-president has been made head of food safety over there.  So the FDA just takes Monsanto’s own studies as the gospel truth, despite decades of lying, law-breaking and huge settlements and court decisions against them.  This is faked science, and a clear violation of the Precautionary Principle that once was a guiding force in scientific exploration.  Watch the documentary “The World According To Monsanto” for details.  It won’t be on your TV, trust me on that, but you can still find it on the internet.

DO not eat what was produced by Wall St.

Why is it brave and bold and beautiful to do this?  Because everyone is going to think you have become a big pain in the ass.  Many will think you are crazy, or that you have fussy eater syndrome or that you are neurotic and controlling.  You aren’t.  You are SANE, you are brave and you are bold.

Food connects everything.  Food connects Big Oil to Big Pharma to Wall St., to you, and even to the war machine that America has become.  Corporate agriculture uses a lot of oil.  Corporate agriculture makes bad food, which makes you and your children sick, so you then buy Big Pharma’s products.  So by REFUSING to eat their garbage, their aspartame, their high fructose corn syrup, their genetically modified corn and soy and beet sugar, and cotton seed oil and canola oil, by refusing to buy meat that was tortured it’s entire life and force fed genetically modified garbage and growth hormones and antibiotics, you will help hit WALL ST. and the banks in the only place it can hurt them.  In their balance sheets, in their wallets, in their bottom line, in their stock prices.  And you will help yourself.

Do not go to restaurants that do not have a no-GMO policy.  GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms.  This is the hardest part of the boycott.

LET ME TELL YOU what it means to get some bacon and eggs at the corner diner.  Or some prosciutto bolognese at that great Italian restaurant downtown, or a cheap hotdog from the hot dog guy at the game, or on the street.  That bacon was produced on a hog farm in North Carolina or Iowa that literally tortures their pigs, who never see the light of day, never see the sun, while living on concrete floors inside a giant warehouse.  They are stuffed full of genetically modified corn and soy animal feed, stuffed full of antibiotics and growth hormones while surrounded by giant lagoons of pig shit that make local residents sick.  They can make bacon really cheap this way, and they have almost completely driven the small family hog farmers out of business.

This industrial corporate model of agriculture is being exported BY WALL ST. into other nations using free trade agreements negotiated by our State Department, which are the only things congress can agree on anymore.  Big surprise.  Three new free trade agreements were passed just last week.  Free trade agreements make it easier for Wall St. to control you and what you do.  Free trade agreements supersede sovereign national and local authority.  Free trade agreements increase corporate power.

In order to grow enough GE corn and GE Soy for the factory meat farming operations the Amazon forest is being cut down. (GE stands for Genetically Engineered)  Cows are supposed to eat grass, and pigs will eat anything and chickens will eat bugs, but corporate profit says destroy the Amazon to feed GE soy to the animals.

SO-   that bacon that you paid for in that hypothetical corner diner, (and the eggs you just ate with it that were definitely produced by torture the same way the bacon was), is filling you and your children with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones while poisoning the community where it was produced, destroying the rainforest and driving small farmers out of business. Here and overseas.  And you just paid them to do it.  Wall St. created it BUT YOU ate it.

Let’s face it.  You need a phone- so choose Verizon or ATT or Sprint.  You need gas- choose one of the 5 big oil companies- the same bunch of criminals – you don’t have a choice.  But you can still choose non-corporate food.  MAKE THAT CHOICE.  Cook at home or eat at farm-to-table restaurants.  Shop at health food stores, buy organic, buy free trade, buy local, PACK A LUNCH.  Join Community Supported Agriculture programs. (CSA’s)

WE MUST DEMAND THAT GMO’s be labelled so we know exactly what not to eat!!!

Occupy Wall St. and Occupy Your Kitchen.  Food Connects Everything.  MAKE THAT CONNECTION. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful …BOYCOTT.

While you are at it- Take your money, your savings and checkbook accounts- out of the big banks- put them in small local credit unions (Amalgamated is a good one here in New York) or into savings and loans.  Also patronize local craftspeople, take a bike to work and use herbs instead of pharmaceuticals when you get sick.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful, BOYCOTT





October is NON-GMO month!!

The following is from Dr. Mercola’s website, and is one of the best-written and most easily understood summations of why we ALL  need to BOYCOTT GMO’s.  Please read it and follow some of the links.  There are marches and rallies being held all over the country.  There is a march going from Brooklyn NY to Washington DC, demanding that GMO’s be labelled in this country.  The easiest way to avoid GMO’s is to purchase organic foods, if what you are purchasing contains corn, corn sugar or corn oil or any corn derivatives, soy or any of it’s derivatives, cottonseed oil or canola oil.  Go For It, and do the world a favor.  BOYCOTTS WORK!

Source for Mercola Article on GMO’s

Why Are Toxin Proteins Genetically Engineered Into Your Food?


Story at-a-glance
  • Proteins genetically modified to perforate cell membranes, thereby killing the insects that consume them, are added to many foods; if they perforate cell membranes in insects, there’s reason to believe they could cause harm when you eat these foods as well
  • The consequences of consuming these toxic proteins are largely unknown, as most studies have been less than 90 days long, which is inadequate to evaluate chronic toxicity
  • Studies conducted show great cause for concern, including that GM corn and soy cause liver and kidney problems when consumed
  • Liver and kidney damage observed among mammals may be a result of being fed a GMO diet
  • If you eat GM corn and soy, found in most processed foods, research suggests it could cause long-term health problems