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New Evidence On Toxicity Of GMOs

The good news first- Community Board 4 passed a resolution calling for labeling of GMO’s! It also asks Mayor Bloomberg to investigate the safety of GMO’s in school foods.  CB4 approved the resolution after speeches by our Coalition.  I think this is an idea that could catch on with the City Council.
More good news- California will vote on a referendum in November to require the labeling of GMO’s in food.  Similar resolutions were passed by the legislatures of Vermont and Connecticut, but their governors refused to sign the bills- the governors said they were afraid of lawsuits from Monsanto!!!  Russia and China label GMO’s (and fifty other countries, but not in America).   Scientific evidence for the toxicity of GMO’s is overwhelming, especially for our kids.  Bee colonies are now collapsing everywhere from pesticides, so Monsanto buys the research company that produced the latest evidence on the death of the bees! (Hint: The pesticides are used with GMO corn crops)
“No farmer in their right mind wants to poison pollinators. When I spoke with one Iowa corn farmer in January and told him about the upcoming release of a Purdue study confirming corn as a major neonicotinoid exposure route for bees, his face dropped with worn exasperation. 

He looked down for a moment, sighed and said, “You know, I held out for years on buying them GE seeds, but now I can’t get conventional seeds anymore. They just don’t carry ‘em.”

The latest evidence that eating GMO’s is extremely toxic is here. The latest evidence that the pesticides used with GMO’s are extremely toxic is here. Italy now requires local and organic food for all it’s schoolchildren.  Doing so is the single most important healthy thing we could do for our kids and our environment.  The first step is finding out how outrageously toxic GMO’s are- especially for our kids. The second step is to label them and STOP BUYING THEM, and make our school district do the right thing.