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Pigs fed GMO feed have inflamed digestive systems

It has been another crazy month in the land of the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)s.  The United States produces and sells and eats by far the most genetically modified food in the world, and the United States is by far the least healthy of all the modernized nations in the world while spending twice as much on healthcare as any other modernized nation.  And the United States is the only modernized country in the world that refuses to label food so that consumers know when they are eating GMOs.  On the world stage only England cheerleads as much for GMOs as do our corporate and government leaders here in the states.

Study shows pig stomachs severely inflamed after being fed GMOs.

pig-stomachs The interaction and complexity of genetics, health and the environment is so complex it essentially will never be fully understood.  When strange proteins are created by laboratory modification, the body will respond with inflammation.  Chronic inflammation of the gut can lead to any major degenerative disease, from arthritis to cancer to autism.   CHILDREN ARE ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE.  Most of the food served in NYC’s school cafeterias contains GMOs, whether in the canola, soy, corn or cottonseed oil, whether in the sugar from sugar beets, or whether in the chicken, pork or beef, food additives and colorings, and now in any sweet corn.

The United States leads the world in autism.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to raise the allowable limits of the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in certain food commodities like carrots, sweet potato, and mustard seeds. Some of the allowable limits, or tolerances, will more than double! Increasing the levels of Roundup on food will pave the way for an overall increase in the use of this chemical in agriculture. The problem is Roundup is toxic to human and environmental health. In fact, a recent MIT study finds that glyphosate’s interference with important enzymes in the body can lead to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking water contaminated with Roundup can lead to congestion of the lungs and increased breathing rate, as well as kidney damage and reproductive effects.

Tell EPA No More Roundup In Our Diet by July 1st(source)

Hungary and Denmark and Peru throw GMOs out the door.

Oregon protestors destroy 6,500 acres of sugar beets.

Health diet proven to cure ADHD

Genetically modified trees on their way.

Unlabeled Genetically modified fish coming to your plate.

Genetically modified corn coming to your gas tank.

By Genetically modifying a plant in a laboratory, and unleashing them into the environment without detailed, long-term safety studies exemplifies scientific hubris at it’s highest.  GMOs are made by science but they violate the precautionary principle, which was a originally bedrock of scientific experimentation, violated by Dr. Frankentstein.  Opposition to GMOs is based on the precautionary principle and therefore is the most ‘scientific’ approach.  There is such a thing as bad, fake and junk science.  It is important to stay informed.

Please don’t feed your kids genetically modified food if at all possible.  The less you feed them the better.  Most GMOs wind up as animal feed and constitute animal abuse as the intestines of the animals becomes inflamed, necessitating heavy antibiotic and anti-diarheea medication, all of which you will eat.  Add a topping of glyphosate pesticides to go with whatever anti-biotic resistant bacteria remain, put a touch of ammonia and radiation, heat and serve.

Gut inflammation and the emotional and psychological consequences. “Now it is known that 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the digestive process.”

Current agricultural practices in the United States are a shame and a disgrace.  Boycott GMOs and CAFO meat.  Demand that the Bloomberg administration conduct  a study, based on the health and safety of our children, in phasing out GMOs in NYC school cafeterias.  You know, like they do in Italy, where ADHD rates are 1/10th othat in the USA.  Could it be the locally sourced organic food they provide their schoolchildren?