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Cheerios claims to go GMO-free! Boycotts Work!

Cheerios goes GMO-free!  Boycotts Work!

Good news! – General Mills bows to consumer pressure and removes all GMOs from Cheerios.  They have not yet been certified by Non-Gmo project however.

non-gmoThe truth is hard to suppress even when it is ignored by almost  all major media.  The truth is that this is a consumer issue and consumers have the power.   Maybe we can even get our new Mayor deBlasio interested in getting GMOs out of our children’s school food!  The truth is that boycotts work.

The NY Times today published another long Sunday Magazine article by Amy Harmon that once again says that being Anti-GMO is being Anti-Science.  Being anti-GMO is actually to be pro-science.  That would be honest, real, independent science, not science funded by corporations seeking profit and control.  Monsanto’s ‘own safety studies’ on their own products are a casebook example of phony science!  In fact GMOs have hastened the death of integrity in science.

Also see Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of GMO’s.   How about  297 scientists and experts agree GMOs not proven safe.  How about Harmon doing some real research for her next article.

Despite Obama’s pledge to get GMOs labeled, (see video), a promise he broke, hardly a single politician has called for GMO labeling.   How can this be, when 93% of Americans, in poll after poll, want them labeled or banned outright?  Could it possibly be the vast sums of money that Monsanto and the Farm Bill and Bill Gates throw at GMO research and marketing?  Are they buying off politicians as well?

Meanwhile Time Magazine completely ignores GMOs in it’s year end issue, despite the fact that the genetic engineering of our food is the single most important environmental, health, social and legal issue of our day.  The New Yorker almost completely ignores GMOs, unless it is to denigrate those who actually believe all the evidence about how dangerous (and completely unnecessary) they are for everyone but Wall St. and the centralization of the global food supply, in a hilarious, evidence-free article called ‘The Psychology Of Distrusting GMOs”.  Somehow the writer missed all the evidence of damage to stomachs, livers, and reproductive organs of animals fed GMOs.  And the fact that since the introduction of GMOs into the US food supply, obesity rates have skyrocketed, ADHD rates have skyrocketed, cancer rates continue to climb, super-weeds and super-bugs have become severe farming problems, fertility rates have declined and new pathogenic soil organisms have been discovered that are linked to GMO crops.ap_ted_s_warren_fishy_corn_fishy_apple

“Fishy Food” cars tour the U.S.

IT DOESNT MATTER!!!  We have the power in this issue.  This is a consumer issue.  Boycott GMOs and they will go away!


#1  Look for the Non-GMO label

#2  Eat only free-range, grass fed meat and eggs and cheese.  Most GMOs are used to feed farm animals.  The GMOs make them sick and they must then be given medications.

#3  Buy organic packaged food if possible.  Most packaged processed food has GMO ingredients.

If you refuse to purchase genetically modified food then they will cease to exist.  Because next thing they will try and feed you is laboratory modified animals.  The government has even approved meat from cloned animals created by bio-tech companies for human consumption.  What’s next?  Do we really need cloning?  Do we really need genetic engineering?  There are many other, safer, more tested scientific possibilities for agriculture than tinkering with DNA and violating the species barrier of reproduction.

The main pesticide used with GMOs is called glyphosate, which has been proven to disrupt the working of the liver and the digestive tract, which can ultimately lead to chronic diseases such as depression, ADHD, obesity, and cancer.  Here is an article that brings it all home- Glyphosate- Killing Us Softly, Monsanto Style

This article is split into three parts. This is Part 1, Glyphosate: Chronic Disease Degeneration. It gives an overview and then goes on to discuss the primary findings of a new study about the human effects of Monsanto’s herbicide, glyphosate. Part 2, titled Glyphosate: Disease Creator, discusses specific diseases, applying the basic harms produced by glyphosate and showing how they lead to each disease. Part 3, titled Glyphosate: A Trajectory of Human Misery, discusses glyphosate’s use throughout the world and then draws conclusions.