Calcium Scam

Although milk and cheese are rather poor sources of calcium, and most of us are lactose intolerant,  (80% of African-Americans and 90% of Asians cannot properly digest milk) it is served with every school meal!  On top of that, the milk is often made with a genetically engineered growth hormone designed to increase milk production.  The entire dairy industry is supported by agriculture subsidies, that we pay for as taxpayers.  Then in go the antibiotics and the growth hormones and the pesticide-laden genetically modified corn and soy for the animal feed, and out comes a product on every school breakfast and lunch tray.  And most parents think that if you strip out the fat, the milk is healthy. Don’t believe it!  Milk is a poor diet choice for most people, and a mediocre source of calcium for everyone!  There are many reasons for this, but the truth is that countries like China and Japan that eat almost no dairy, also have almost no osteoporosis and almost no breast cancer or prostate cancer!

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