Food Connects Everything. Even Republicans and Democrats.

Dear Safe Food Coalition and Friends-

“Recent nationwide polls show that 93% of Americans support GMO labeling.  As ABC News stated, ‘such near-unanimity in public opinion is rare.’”

Food Connects Everything.  Even Republicans and Democrats.

“Other Possibilities” at Livestream  will be interviewing me tonight on the dangers of GMO’s.  I’ll be steering the discussion around to school food and the need to get GMOs out of the food that we serve our children.  7:30 pm right here
Activity is really heating up on GMOs because this is an issue where WE have control!
Most GMO’s are served to animals in facilities called CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations).  It is very important that you not eat meat created in these facilities!  It is full of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides and GMOs!  (The biggest market by far, for GMOs). It is first and foremost unethical and inhumane.  It is also unsustainable.  It is also torture.
You pay them to do it when you buy their products.  We aren’t gonna eat it anymore.  Don’t eat what was produced by Wall St!
For more information on CAFOs go here.
Fo a recent article on GMOs I wrote for go here.

In total, seventeen states are looking at labeling GM foods, from corn to fish, though similar attempts were unsuccessful in the past. In Hawaii, for example, four bills have been introduced in the State legislature dealing with GMO labeling requirements. Connecticut legislators have also been considering labeling laws in their state. Vermont is also looking to pass the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, which would require labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. A similar bill was also recently introduced in Washington state.

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