Pesticides & Children’s Health

Monsanto’s patented Round-Up® herbicide- new horrors exposed weekly


Pesticides and herbicides are designed to kill animals and plants.  Do you want your kids eating them?  Do you want to eat them?  Some foods contain very high amounts of  herbicides, pesticides or both.  Monsanto’s Bt corn (genetically modified) contains a pesticide in every cell of the plant!  If the corn chips you like (and all the food additives made from corn)  aren’t organic, you are eating huge amounts of pesticides.

Pesticides linked to lower IQ in children. Studies prove pregnant women exposed to pesticides have children with lower IQ’s. Another study: Pesticides linked to hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Do some research and draw your own conclusions.  Then remember that organic farming uses no chemical herbicides or pesticides, and increases yields!  Organic food has a higher nutritional content. And the soil on organic farms is much much healthier.


Pesticides and herbicides make food less-labour intensive to grow, and therefore less expensive.  Once you factor in ADHD, and lower IQ and other health costs, are they really cheaper?  Don’t we need those farm jobs?

Pesticide Action Network

Genetically Modified crops were supposed to reduce pesticide usage, but instead have increased pesticide and herbicide usage- to terrible effect. Is this what we want our children eating?

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